We’ve got the biggest and baddest T-Rex

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When it comes to fake bones, we’re #1.

JLB should release his Dinoskeptics film in Drumheller, home of dino .

Amusing they’ve kept this secret since 1991. Note the multiples of 11 for hoax coding.

Paleontologists say that the meat-eating dinosaur, which has a skeleton that is 13-metres long, weighed more than 8,800 kilograms when it roamed Saskatchewan roughly 66 million years ago.


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3 thoughts on “We’ve got the biggest and baddest T-Rex

  1. gaia

    Dinosaurs are a HOAX. Period.

    Nobody lived, nobody died, from the Triassic to the Paleogene.

    Anyone who has seen fossil bones and eggs attributed to dinosaurs in the field, not in a museum, and even photographed them is a shill.

  2. tokarski

    Not everything is fake! If the assumption is that Earth has always presented a fundamentally identical environment as we have now, then these creatures do not fit. Ask a different question … has Earth changed? Another question … how might Earth have changed? Another … What caused Earth to change?

    Saying dinosaurs are fake is akin to asking who shot JFK. The answer, no one, is excluded by the question. Ask the wrong question, the answer does not matter.

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