FART #022  – Fabricated

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Up in record time @Velocet! I guest star on this fantastic podcast.

Hosts: Rollo, Velocet. Panel: exoteric64, noiz_level. Guests: Fakeologist.

Source: #022 23rd Mar 2019 – Fabricated

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3 thoughts on “FART #022  – Fabricated

  1. John le Bon

    Nice call, two hours seems to be the ‘sweet spot’ for this format. Thanks to the panel for the entertainment.

    Regarding Erase/Rewind, all I can say is, well done, and I deserve every ounce of derision.

    Regarding Steve Outtrim and his series with Jan Irvin, ‘Shadow History of Burners’, this is a brilliant presentation which I highly recommend people check out for themselves. Outtrim’s material gave me a heap of ideas and avenues to explore, which subsequently led to me discovering certain things which changed the direction of my research and indeed my life.

    The thing is, Outtrim has a fascinating backstory of his own, which I do not believe anybody outside of my website has any idea about. In 2017 I wrote a detailed piece about what I have uncovered regarding Outtrim, his ‘Sausage Software’, and much, much more.

    To the Aussies reading this, do you remember Sol Trujillo’s tenure at Telstra? Or Jeff Kennett’s long reign as Victorian premier? Or Steve Vizard’s issues concerning ‘insider trading’ while a board member of Telstra? What if I told you that Outtrim’s backstory is connected to all of these events?

    To the non-Aussies, here’s the rub: the dot-com bubble affected companies in Australia just as it did in America and elsewhere. Outtrim and others made out like bandits just before the bubble burst. Was Sausage Software ever actually worth anything? Or was Outtrim connected to powerful people who helped him to capitalise on a silly market with a company which was itself little more than junk?

    17,000-word investigative piece here:

    tl;dr Nobody is double-checking anything. If the ‘Burners’ really were disgruntled by Outtrim for his revelations, as he claims, then why haven’t they discovered what I have discovered?

    And don’t misunderstand anything I have written here. I am not implying ‘illegal’ activity on the part of Outtrim or his associates/vehicles. Nor am I criticising Outtrim as an individual. His Shadow Burners work truly assisted me on my path and for that I am VERY grateful. I sent him an email with a draft version of my 17,000-word investigation to gather his response/clarifications, and amend any errors in my presentation, but never got a reply.

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