Miles Mathis and guest on NZ Mosque #HRDPAR

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Lots of breakdown on this big event in NZ.


Part 3

Interesting idea in link 2-competing intelligence agencies or within a single agency are blowing each others’ covers and helping expose inconsistencies to discredit or expose the whole operation. Maybe they leak to their favorite spook media types to help with the take down.

2 thoughts on “Miles Mathis and guest on NZ Mosque #HRDPAR

  1. xileffilex

    Part 2 is now up
    Miles writes that Tracy Withers is a woman…. I give up on this sloppy research.
    And we can ignore his acres of silly meanderings in Burke’s Peerage
    This is where anyone else who hasn’t given up on “Miles Mathis” can do so.

    However, the guest writer does a good job of showing how Jacinda Ardern was groomed and shoehorned into position as a role-player. [rather like Jo Cox was for her brief 15 minutes of fame….]
    Here’s 2008 proof of her sojurn in London, being fed Royal Jelly…

  2. xileffilex

    I’m a little surprised that Miles assumes Tracy Withers [an ultra fast online press article on the “shootings”] is writing from Colorado or New Mexico [home of Miles…] – because the article he reads is headed in Mountain Daylight Time. My article is headed in GMT [which is my time zone]
    And a quick look at Tracy’s twitter feed shows that he’s based in Wellington NZ for Bloomberg.…
    But still a likely insider.…
    Hmmmm he’s not very active on twitter.

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