ACI March 23 2019 : The Afternoon Commute Institute

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Podcousins/children discuss NZ.

Deep Cuts Uninstall Media, Matti, Originalsimulant The 23 Enigma

Source: ACI March 23 2019 : The Afternoon Commute Institute : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

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John le Bon
John le Bon(@john-le-bon)
2 years ago

‘War must be real. If you don’t believe in war then go speak to some veterans’

Where can I find the ‘atomic bomb’ veterans?

Where can I find the ‘bunker buster bomb’ veterans?

They don’t exist because atomic bombs and bunker buster bombs are HOAXES.

Nobody died, nobody got hurt. Period.

So where along the lines do these ‘wars’ go from OBVIOUSLY FAKE to ‘real’ in your eyes, UM?

Stop being a jackass and start using your brain. We both know you have a brain. Use it.

2 years ago
Reply to  John le Bon

nobody got shot , nobody got bombed , nobody died in battle , ever ! ……..THATS A FACT