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7 thoughts on “FAC543-JLB-Napoleon-Originalsimulant

  1. Vespadouglas

    ” You get yourself a job before sundown or we’re shipping you off to military school with the god damn , finklestein , shit , kid .

  2. napoleon wilson

    john you used to believe the lights in the sky meant were on a ball, and mocked us fakeologists, that had discernment , what else are you wrong about?……

    and you always came in when we were chatting about the malevolence behind vaccines, with a boogeyman attitude ,but what really upsets me is that russ original simulant or questioning our reality or whoever the people that come in and talk never get your attention , now i know to get your website going you velocet , and noise to do the voices of some of your members , thats fine very simmilar to putting change in a guitar case before busking, but now your a digital nomad were ( the fakeologists) still getting your rejects. all the best x

    1. rachel

      Yay Denny, I was listening to you and Russ at the end, you know the thing that freed me the most from the worry of not conforming to whatever views apparently learned people would have me believe or consider me stupid, it’s the UN itself.
      Because what frameworks the UN pay all its skivvies to push, it’s all for nought if you read the ‘International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights’ and its signatories. No one can deny you your faith and your belief and your right to change that faith and belief, enshrined in international law, superior law requiring remedy if encroached.
      Firstly, we need to consider why they would make this so explicit? The UN’s laurel wreath symbol is a clue. But becoming aware of this Covenant, think about the word Covenant itself, everyone needs to examine their own beliefs, and actively choose them accordingly.
      I think you might be right, you do get what you believe, the snake eating its own tail.

      1. napoleon wilson

        Yes like I said in the past we have had a crash course in Masonic doctrine since the Millennium fall-con 2001 . Similar to the fads and eastern mysticicism attached to the 60s. The disciplines and stories from icons, are now all to transparent. So forgive my skepticism. Head back soon doll p.s the tartarus.philosophpers stone. 888. Is pinned in alchemical hustle I will retreive it for you.

    2. John le Bon

      “now i know to get your website going you velocet , and noise to do the voices of some of your members”

      I don’t think you actually believe the shit you post. You just do it to get attention, like a middle child in the family who has to do silly things to get attention from the parents, because the oldest and youngest siblings always get lots of attention by default.

      Poor Napoleon the Middle Child. From now on, this is how I refer to you. Napoleon the Middle Child.

      1. napoleon wilson

        Your right how can you and the Aussie whore conclave be the one affecting mine and original stimulants life in the bedroom, well it is, no in all seriousness though I’m a fakeologist and have been since I was promoted from kidologist in the 80s, so that’s why I’m a monster, bare in mind that I crave approval from intelligent people, or at least a helping hand in understanding from open minded folks. Now go get your fucking shinebox. Because off the record I am losing patience.


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