Is YouTube the ultimate truth arbiter?

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Is YouTube doing the ultimate truth evaluation? Is their ongoing, widespread censoring campaign actually helping the real fakeologists like us?

Are they only serving up videos that pose no threat to the nutwork? Are they inadvertently showing us what is disinformation and therefore not harmful to the nutwork and eliminating all true truth information?

If so can we therefore conclude that Mandela effect, , 911 that’s on YouTube right now is all disinfo and therefore should be ignored?

If so, we owe them a debt of gratitude for inadvertently sorting the wheat from the chaff.

Here’s an old 911 truth chestnut video. Clearly it’s safe from asking the real questions about and that is why it continues on YouTube to this day.

Thank you Google to for sorting all this out for us.

Speaking of building 7, did anyone officially 0;die” in building 7?

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1 thought on “Is YouTube the ultimate truth arbiter?

  1. napoleon wilson

    personally iv,e only used youtube as a shill t.v network , but naively appropriated any terminology for said “truths
    as i have stated many times in the past i worked j.f.k. out without the help of anyone else , well thats not entirely accurate , i listened to audios on the counter conspiracies till 09 , which since the release of the film jfk only fleshed out the movies rabbit trails,, until i finally worked out media fakery and discovered fakeologists in 2012-13., so my guess would be that removing gatekeeeping videos and youtruthers ,is removing the probability of people like myself asking the pertinent questions or second guessing the shills that produce the videos .
    for instance saying j.f.k. is a hoax works for mong truthers but the entire story is far more compelling and leads to clarity of thinking that,s powerful .
    and thus far 100% also , im still looking for a youtuber whos on the forntline discovering things, ….—-\0/—-/\—-dino hoax vid soon . lol

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