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Today’s dose of psychobabble.

Believers more likely to claim for replacement items, refunds or compensation from a shop when they were not entitled to, according to new research


Tavistock puts out the most inane nonsense.

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8 thoughts on “Fakeologist like a good refund

  1. Unreal

    Hi Xileffilex

    Still follow Fakeologist sporadically and appreciate the occasional valid input and question. On the whole, i have the impression most Fakeologists prefer to remain at a safe media-hoax and 911 repeat & reload level and choose not to pursue more difficult issues such as insider disinformation, fake truthers and associated sock puppet identities.

    The list of verified spooks is quite long and unappetizing by now, yet i see the same clowns pop up on Fakeologist and play their one trick act repeatedly. Not only have most of these phony characters been exposed, there still seem to be some kind of confusion about these characters/actors being paid for their efforts or not.

    Lol – this is a joke, and the lack of any reaction to this research* actually equates with shooting oneself in the foot, and doing the same mistake repeatedly normally qualifies as insane. Or it could be just careless arrested development. Hard to find any of this very enlightening or intellectually stimulating.

    Had to laugh when i saw Nik and Gaia and their artificial argument – can it get any worse than two fake truthers fighting each-other ? Oh – maybe bring on yet another “new voice” with a 911 story to tell… As you well know, this kind of waste of time fills the empty space and benefits all parties involved – making Gaia and this site look “good” by exposing clueless frauds like mud-flood Nik. Then Nik can upload his version of the feud to his YT channel he doesn’t promote… Lol, hamsterwheeling indeed !

    *in many cases research that expose fraudulent truthers have been conducted on this very site to the disinterest of most – with some rare exceptions

    1. gaia

      If not believing every heavily bearded man actually “clearly is a woman” and not being busy with “shills online having ‘artificial’ arguments” from the autistic attic in France, makes a “fake truther” in the books of Unreal, I am happy to be in that box.

      Glück auf, à bientôt.

    2. Unreal

      I’ve never given much thought to Gaia, as he was fished onto this site from Piece of Mindfuel (Mark Tokarsky territory) then left Fakeologist, then back to writing for Mark on contemporary hot potatoes like Nazi Germany and the like, then back here recently, all while touting about his psychopathic family/father and Bilderberg etc, raising drama and changing positions – like he seemingly does on EGI when it suits him.

      I guess Gaia thinks most members of this site actually believe he really is in South America on a noisy balcony, but just like Ab surely isn’t driving around Canada in truck – these artificial personal details most truthers work so hard to insert just explain so much clearer what they really are trying to establish which is rapport and grassroots foothold in order to better induce belief & capture our time and attention.

      Good glück in your cave* Gaia, you might consider staying in such dark spaces more permanently.

      * Glück auf : widespread expression among German-speaking speleologists (cave explorers) and particularly commonly used when entering caves (wiki here)

      1. ab Post author

        Hi Unreal,
        Are you saying I’m lying about driving a truck? Should I then wonder whether you’re really an architect from Norway living in Paris?

      2. Unreal

        Hi Ab

        I’m not really selling myself with a résumé, and the scarce details about me you mention have come up by questions asked by others, not used by myself to validate any point i make related to research.

        To participate in the Truther community can be problematic for those who provide controversial content, and protecting your privacy seems a good choice. Maybe you have chosen the Truck driver identity for that reason* – regardless, i am not interested in your private life as i’m more concerned with the topics you handle (and not) on this site.

        In respect to your coverage of conspiracies i am taken aback when you consciously choose to support very well identifiable frauds like Brian Stavelie or DS Johnstone (business owner of ‘John Le Bon’ brand) and that you ignore how past contributors such as Kham, Adams, Kendal are very verifiable spooks. This does matter – as such deceptive behavior clearly hurt research.

        Glad to see my 6 months IP ban has been removed by yourself or your webmaster

        *my opinion that you do not drive a truck in Canada shouldn’t be all that important, but i do cringe when you insist on validating this type of trivia. Why is you being a truck-driver that important anyhow, less one enjoys doing cover personalities moreso than research

        1. ab Post author

          I did not blacklist your ip, and my host said they didn’t either. No idea what happened from my end, perhaps yours.
          As for disassociating myself from characters suspicious to you, if I did that, I’d be talking to my suspicious self. Then I’d really look crazy!

        2. Unreal

          Hi again

          I’ve verified that the Fakeologist domain IP block did not come from my end or computer devices. Regardless, it’s fixed now since a week or so.

          I do disagree you would have nobody to interview if you left out known spooks, as this could provide for more time discussing these false characters and exposing the problem they represent in this community and topics it concerns. Supporting* the work of disinformation agents is different from exposing such entities – which is more pertinent for coverage on Fakeologist i would contend.

          Additionally, there are Fakeologist members you might interview pertaining to the research they conduct on your Discord channel* and Forums – if you were really interested in producing more (or mostly genuine) shows.

          * it’s quite tiresome to hear about the benefits of paid content and even worse to hear embedded promotion from “happy” subscribers to such profit driven concepts. The irony is how someone like DS Johnstone registered “John Le Bon” as a business venture (2016), and yet claims there are no paid truthers… So why start a business? Lol, can it get any more openly disingenuous?

          * another good point would be that suspect entities should not be given any form of moderator status

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