4 thoughts on “FAC547-Ab and JLB clip fun

  1. xileffilex

    Take home message @1.18.36 “I believe that the intelligence agencies grow people”
    JLB didn’t bite [surely that’s not a baby hoax?]

    1. gaia

      You have the unfortunate reality you are surrounded by people “not believing in evolution” (even though it is all around, even in online communities like this), but yes, I think you touch upon a great point here. Environmental triggers can steer evolution (and with estrogens, testosterones and other chemicals provided to us that seems real enough) and that indeed partly explains why men are becoming less masculine and women are becoming less feminine.

      Add the social engineering layer on top of it and you get a recipe for dumbed down compliant slaves trained to accept their “faith”…

      1. backspace59

        Cheers for the reply gaia , yes understand even though this is nothing to do with “Evolution” it is adjustment to immediate stress on a species, we adjust our respiration to compensate at higher altitudes when we climb a mountain it is this very mechanism that allows us as a species to live in all parts of this world. It has nothing to do with “Evolution” which by the way Charles Darwin used the word in print once only, in the closing paragraph of “The Origin of Species”… it was those after him that got the herd to use the term.. LOL

        Also IMO adjustment is not “Progression” either..it is temporary.

        Also I suppose ironically it would be difficult for the herd to cope with the logical possibility that their Adam came from Eves rib … ROFL

        Thanks for the comment instead of simple flick of the thumb cursory moments…


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