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It’s hard to get it right when no-one cares about mostly non-existent .

Any other memorials crumbling down?

Green Bay’s memorial to the victims of the terrorist attacks is in the process of being dismantled. City crews removed the deteriorating granite, and the Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department tells us the 30-foot tall metal towers are tentatively scheduled to be removed on Thursday. The city is currently receiving quotes from contractors for removing the footing for the memorial. It’s expected to cost $20,000 to $30,000. The city hasn’t decided where that money will come from. The memorial

Source: Green Bay dismantling 9/11 memorial


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3 thoughts on “At least spell my name right

  1. xileffilex

    “deteriorating granite” Suuuuuuuure

    “formally decommissioned” lol!…

    The 22 foot tall fibreglass football statue which it replaced doesn’t seem to have deteriorated at its new location.

    Cheaper than granite!

    But wait…after the “decommissioning ceremony” in 2017….

    At last week’s city council meeting, Barb Jack said there was human DNA in a capsule buried inside the concrete monument.
    “A piece of Pentagon stone in it, there was a golden painted tube with a remnant of a victim in there,” said Jack.

    She wasn’t willing to provide documentation of the items within the monument to Action 2 News Wednesday night, which is something many city council members have asked to see.

    “I have stuff in here, but I am not sharing it with the press,” said Jack. “that is private information with the families.”
    But Jack said she is willing to share it with those who would be on the future committee.

    [The city’s Park, Recreation and Forestry Director, Dawne] Cramer said the city’s legal team has reached out to New York City’s medical examiner to determine if they have any records on where the remains from Ground Zero were laid to rest and she said they haven’t heard back from them yet.…
    Apparently there are no city records attesting to the buried “DNA” of the unknown victim. What a hoax and a half.
    And this earlier piece said it was deteriorating MARBLE!
    Not “Blue Marble” I hope.
    Perhaps they “mixed up” the flight details on the monument as part of ongoing hoax management.

  2. napoleon wilson

    They look almost as real as the models we seen disintegrate during the Millenium fall-con2001 , everyone look at the fake planes, dont look at the background.

    yes models made with the specs of the original towers explains all anomalies (judys wand wood) , i mean seriously anyone looking at it now can clearly see that.

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