Suicide is real, but is this story?

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My brother in law killed him self, the same way the lead singer from a Boston allegedly did. Suicide is therefore real to me.

This story seems extreme – two suicides in one immediate family? Identification by tatoo?

“I talked to her at seven o’clock at night. She sounded absolutely fine, as fine as she could. She said she loved me and I told her I loved her. She called back to talk with her kids, but (the) kids were at their dad. At 8:30, she had jumped off the bridge,” Wannamaker said.

At 4 a.m. the next morning, the police showed up at Bonnie’s house with the news. Nicole was identified by a tattoo that she had.…

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3 years ago

“suicide” is another wonderful “black box container of hoaxes”, staged, i’d say, in many MSM reported cases. In fact it’s how I started to wake up to media fakery. As ever, the proof is in the casket. It’s another great way of relocating/re-uniting ‘loved ones’ with other family, or removing them permanently from family if the ‘victim’ so wishes. Perhaps for financial reasons, but also creating a media story. But even better. There’s no need to stage a car crash, phoney terrorist incident or light plane accident. No need to train fake witnesses either. Just bring in the trusted, onside… Read more »