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FART#023 6th – Foolish

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Hosts: Rollo, Velocet.Panel: exoteric64, noiz_level.Guests: Fakeologist, Knightlynews, typoerror.

Source: #023 6th Apr 2019 – Foolish

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FAC550-Napoleon, Knightly News, JLB, Alto

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The audios keep coming.

Let me know if you like the quarter hour bumpers.

Millennium Falcon hotel, 9/11, discussing fake nuclear energy.

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Man murdered at Pickering recreational centre

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9/11 hoax code in this story.

I did drive by the area today, and did see the police with their flashing lights at the scene.

Drill/practice time?

Notice how to fairly irrelevant story items are brought in to get our favorite numbers in?

As usual, everyone is anonymous. No need for sim creation.

An unidentified man was killed at the Pickering Recreation Complex in a Sunday morning shooting that sent dog walkers in the area fleeing. Durham Regional Police rushed to Valley Farm Rd. in the Kingston-Brock Rds. area at about 6:30 a.m after receiving calls about shots being fired. “There were a bunch of shots fired — about nine, I think, if you look at the (police) markers — and there were two men and then they were gone,” said a witness, who requested anonymity. The man said he was walking his dog when the shots were fired.“I started to run dragging my dog to get behind a building,” the witness added. “A stray bullet can go a long way. It’s unnerving and something you don’t expect in your neighbourhood. I have an 11-month-old.”

Source: Man murdered at Pickering recreational centre | Toronto Sun

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Like @Trypt, @Velocet of Fart fame has helped me with my audio endeavors. He’s created great bumpers, pointed me to great software, and of course created the wonderful podchild FART Podcast. This helps me as much as comments and donations -thanks so much!

Like the audiochats, I’m uploading the latest FARTs to my youtube channel to help spread the word. Please share the channel fakeologist.com/s/youtube2 far and wide. Gootube won’t promote it.

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