Every single person is a B actor in this video

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Once you get your head around the fact that this is pre-recorded, either in a studio or on location anytime before but definitely NOT LIVE on 9/11/2001, you will see the bad, B level acting for what it is: a scripted movie clip.

You see this in every other #HRDPAR, before and after 9/11.

It’s instructional to watch these, as you soon learn that there’s no chance they are created LIVE|EVIL on the day of the film’s release. What other movie is created live on the fly? NONE. They take years to make, and the 9/11 movie was no exception.

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8 thoughts on “Every single person is a B actor in this video

  1. xileffilex

    Westminster Bridge 3/22 [as well as Boston 2013] was shot on the fly, in one take with no continuity defects, despite online shills trying to say otherwise. It was a daring, well-planned HRDPAR which showed acting errors [“explained” enthuiastically by ridiculously by the online shills defending the official narrative] Landmark HRDPARs both of them.
    The technique they use is an excess of “citizen” and official photographers and videographers [all onside] and then the Intel film studios choose which shots/clips to put out in the compliant MSM since there’s no “take two!”

    1. dbuser

      Have you seen Beat Worship’s videos on Westminster? What do you make of them if you have?

      Beat Worship YT channel: www.youtube.com…
      Top viewed video: www.youtube.com…

      I found them pretty interesting. Didn’t agree with all of his points but he goes into way more depth than the average youtube truther channels. Lots of digital forensics stuff too, which I find really fascinating.

          1. gaiagaia

            It’s not black-and-white. Why go in-fighting about this point?

            Some footage is pre-recorded, some footage is live dummy-crisis actor BS.

            In the end it boils down to one thing, a profession which used to be popular not too long ago;

            it is illusionism.

    2. Tom DalpraTom Dalpra

      Yeh, can you imagine?
      “Sorry love, someone walked in the shot. Can you please put that tower back up and we’ll run that one again”.

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