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The above tweet is causing an avalanche of traffic here – pointing to an old TomD thread. Sometimes it takes a while – what’s going on with interest in this from England today?

The Marchioness Disaster – 20th August 1989 – London, England

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1 thought on “Tweetstorm

  1. xileffilex

    The strange and busy Twitter member xmaseveevil1 made not just one but a number of posts on the Marchioness staged disaster, having gone through the entire Marchioness thread and noted the absurdities of the official narrative.
    Including this tweet… hmmmm…
    [great work by Tom D btw on that thread]

    The earlier xmaseveevil twitter feed was ascribed to a ?Scot? styled “James Johnston” who may or may not be the same youtuber Jimmy Johnston who comments on HRDPAR threads.

    He certainly buys into the #NDNGH mindset…

    The Marchioness pleasure boat – we’re approaching the 30th anniversary of the HRDPAR this summer – was in the news because of reported plans to launch a huge party boat on the Thames…

    Perhaps this is hoax management? 1500 passengers and a helicopter landing pad? Suuuuuure

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