Black hole hoax

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If science in the media has been replaced by science fiction, what crazy stories are being promoted today under science fiction?If anyone believes any part of this story, including this actor promoting girl power, then I’ve got a bridge in Brooklin to sell you. wasn’t mentioned in this story, except to remind us that a woman wrote the code to put a man on the moon. The all inclusive narrative is once again preposterous.

Katie Bouman led development of a computer program that made the breakthrough image possible.

The remarkable photo, showing a halo of dust and gas 500 million trillion km from Earth, was released on Wednesday.…

GameTimeWoo video:…

Jungle is still out there

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2 thoughts on “Black hole hoax

  1. crochime

    Black hole Spun
    Carlos Moedas
    “It’s all about imagination, something between science and fiction. At the age of nine (9) I went with my father to watch the movie Black Hole”
    Heino Falcke:
    “The mass is 6,5 (11) billion times the mass of the sun, that is an enormous black hole”

    Carlos Moedas
    “Fiction often inspires science, and black holes have long fueled our dreams and curiosity”
    I’m sure it has… At the University of Frankfurt (school) and at the Max Planck Institute (Plank: a fundamental point of a political or other program)

    BTW. Doesn’t “a combined effort” of 8 telescopes categorize as a composite product? (1 final picture, presented (processed & rendered?) as a result from a joint effort of the “telescope power” aka. 8 individual units)
    Anyways. Looks and sounds like Absolute Bullocks 2me!..

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