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  1. ricky

    Credit to you xilleffilex, it’s something I’ve not thought too much about but the “dental care system,” while I don’t think is totally unnecessary, it’s structured to generate a steady income stream and shows all the tell-tale markers of another industrial grift. Another group of “experts” to help assist the “CSI” boys in solving all these horrific crimes that occur everyday. On TV in one form or another, of course.

  2. napoleon wilson

    tell me all your secrets ,im planning on being an internet toerag. 30 dumb fucks a month.

  3. gaia

    The lying Dutchman: how a crime writer confessed to his wife’s murder

    After his wife went missing, Richard Klinkhamer wrote a book on seven ways to kill your spouse. Then it turned out he really had.

    A year after his wife disappeared without trace in 1991, Richard Klinkhamer, a Dutch crime writer, visited his publisher. He had with him a manuscript which, under the circumstances, seemed a little macabre. Not to mention highly suspicious.

    The novel, Woensdag Gehaktdag (a Dutch saying which translates as Wednesday, Mince Day), was a grisly, detailed exploration of seven ways in which Klinkhamer could conceivably have killed his wife, Hannelore. In one of the scenarios set out in the book, he disposes of her body by pushing her flesh through a mincer and feeding it to the pigeons.

    The police questioned Klinkhamer at his home, one of a tiny cluster of houses near the hamlet of Ganzedijk. He denied killing her. They put him in a cell. He denied it again. They searched the house. They searched the garden. Nothing was found. Sniffer dogs searched the garden; the police dug up the garden. A Royal Dutch airforce F-16 flew over the garden with infra-red scanners. Nothing was found.

    However strong the authorities’ suspicions, there could not be a murder inquiry without a body.

    Klinkhamer lived on at the house for several years, writing and drinking heavily. But slowly the suspicion that he had killed his missing wife began to filter out beyond the close-knit community. Details of the manuscript – which his publisher, Willem Donker had rejected as too gruesome – began to surface in the Dutch underground press.

    Television programmes started to invite Klinkhamer to make guest appearances. There was an interview with him on Birds of Paradise, a series about eccentrics. In 1997, Klinkhamer moved to Amsterdam, to the Bijlmermeer district, with a new girlfriend. There he surfaced on the literary party circuit, apparently enjoying his new position as a minor cult figure among second-tier crime writers.

    Meanwhile, new people moved into the house he had shared with Hanny. In time, they sold up to a couple with children who decided to make alterations to the 200ft garden – getting rid of the tatty shed, for instance.

    Then, two weeks ago, they hired a digger. While breaking up the concrete laid on the floor of the shed, the workmen turned up a skull, buried in a piece of clay a few metres below the surface. They went on to uncover a skeleton which a forensic scientist quickly identified from dental records as the remains of Hanny Klinkhamer.

    That evening, Richard Klinkhamer, 62, was arrested in Amsterdam. Next day he confessed to his wife’s murder and he is now awaiting trial in prison in Leeuwarden, in the north-west of the country.

    More at The Guardian

    How secrets can be told and even then people don’t believe them.

      1. gaia

        I of course cannot know if it happened or not, but murders do happen and you have writers. It is a juicy story and well-known in the Netherlands.

        But you don’t believe in dental records?? Is that what I get from the quotation marks? How would they identify otherwise recognizable victims in real cases (like fires) then?

        (by the way; Klinkhamer means “sound the hammer [a blunt object]”, which may be TRIOMF, or just coincidence). Apparently a mildly prominent family.

        1. xileffilex

          Teeth are a hoax, period. So are dentists, period.
          “Identified by dental records” is a standard hoax marker, in the same vein as “put into an induced coma”.

          Paul “fast and furious” Walker’s body was soooooo badly burned he had to be identified by dental records…..

          Drummer Lee Rigby [Woolwich London hoax, 2013] had to be identified by “dental records”
          Suuuuure And he’d only [allegedly] been stabbed!
          he died from multiple cut and stab wounds.

          Tracey Norris, the coroner’s clerk, told the court that the soldier had to be identified by his dental records

          Come on!

          Oh, by the way,

          A lot ** of the 9/11 victims were identified by dental records.

          ** almost 700 fake identifications.

          1. ab Post author

            Lol they solicit surrounding dentists for records of a murder victim? There must have been worldwide solicitations for all those international 9/11 vicsims. I’ll have something to ask my dentist next visit.

            1. gaia

              I can understand a hesitance with DNA, as it is advanced (al)chemistry and those labs are not open to the public, but dental records are a no brainer. That they are used in staged events doesn’t make them by itself “non existing” or “a clear hoax marker”; meaning that if they are used “it is a hoax. Period”.

              People die in fires and can become burned beyond recognition, I hope there is no autohoaxing on this point… So how are these people identified if not by mechanical dental records?

              1. xileffilex

                Many house fires are staged with sim-victims, as indeed are “plane crashes” and “helicopter crashes”. Dental identification is the natural accompaniment of the empty-casket funeral. Was Lee Rigby’s dentist [or for that matter the 700 9/11 dentists….] consulted? I guess Rigby would have had a malleable Army dentist though, who would say anything. Dentists are likely just as potentially corrupt as any funeral parlor, policeman, paramedic, firefighter or doctor when a psy-operator comes calling.

            2. xileffilex

              The staged London Bridge attack of June 2017 was even better – no fewer than three victims who “died” as a result of stabbing were identified by Dental records [all three], with additional DNA [two] and fingerprint [one] records consulted.

              It’s nonsense. Can there be a bigger hoax marker?
              “Sir/Madam, we believe you son/daughter has just been murdered. Can you come to identify her/him formally?”
              “Awww no, I believe you, just get in touch with her/his dentist. I can’t be bothered. Cheers”

              The beauty of using “victims” from far overseas….

              Note how this pair – mother and stepfather – manage to turn up for the inquest 9 days after the hoax yet they ducked the formal i/d…..

  4. tokarski

    If you tell one other person, it is no longer a secret. You must trust that person to keep it, and hence are at his/her mercy. A secret is only a secret if only one person knows it.

    For instance, if you by chance murder your spouse, DO NOT CONFIDE IN ANYONE!! Bury the body, and hope for stupidity in law enforcement, which is abundant. Do not share your secret. That will be your undoing.


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