6 thoughts on “Calcified lies get Sirius on 9/11

  1. napoleon wilson

    throw that on reddit might generate a lookin millenium fall-con should be copyrighted , your legit ab , ill tell you if your not.

  2. napoleon wilson

    yeah a bit much for the average joe, even one as interested as me in the MILLENIUM FALL-CON . But you know as well as i do the outcome of this event affected all the gangs around the world . and each gang has a code so , the bible lot got their prophecy zerubabbel, the masons with the star alignments and the towers falling , even my generation got their prophecy, the millenium fall-con stealing the twins (towers) only one had a lightsabre or antenna away and subsequently the war on the darkside. never could understand the reasoning behind darth vader and his total evil persona , but after examining how fucking thick americans are i see the crash course in masonic traditions was completed on that day with the choice of , “your either with us or the terrorist” , but thanks to fakeologist.com and a keen eye i know see the 33 year trick started by kubricks 2001 space odyssey, and finished in the “real” world with the millenium fall-con, ( millenium hilton hotel) , was just a trick , and as for judys space weapons lol , clearly just to cover up impossible physics and 2nd rate models .


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