Shareable 9/11 video

likes this

With some of my YouTube video.

H/t Xilefelix

Video: 9/11 Fraud and Terror Agenda

Hey Peter at 26:50 what’s so funny? Bellevue 0;looney bin” hospital joke saying they’re part of the humor, with a touch of the nose tell/flourish.

Marlena Cruz was in the basement in 1993 WTC bombing – another characteristic.

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4 thoughts on “Shareable 9/11 video

      1. simonshack

        A bot? Just because she has a foreign accent? Nah, dear Ab – come on now. In any case, I have never seen such a fabulous summary of our combined, decade-long research efforts.

        We have not lived in vain on this planet, dear Ab – that’s for sure! 🙂

        1. ab Post author

          The narrator had a computer sounding tone to her voice. If she is a real person, then I’d be most pleased to talk with her and thank her for her excellent effort.
          Once more thank you Simon for your effort which has stood the test of time. If I ever get off this continent, be sure to know that I will make your place in Rome my first stop to pay tribute to you, the man that unlocked world from Fear.

          Happy Easter my dear friend.


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