Columbine 20 year hoaxaversary hoax

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The noagenda boys talk about a hoax on the 4/20 Columbine hoax – starting at the 1:58:00 mark. Yes, a hoax to reinforce the hoax.

The boys still treat this story as real, as they are mainly hoax deniers.

A Florida teenager authorities say was obsessed with the Columbine school shooting — and may have been planning an attack in Colorado just ahead of the 20th anniversary of the massacre — was found dead Wednesday in an apparent suicide after a nearly 24-hour manhunt.

The body of 18-year-old high schooler Sol Pais was discovered in the mountains outside Denver with what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound after investigators got a tip from an unidentified driver who took her there, the FBI said.

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9 thoughts on “Columbine 20 year hoaxaversary hoax

  1. tokarski

    Further, a NBC news story reported that the body had been discovered at 10:28 A.M. (=11 … could not just say 10:30?), and that on that day 400,000 of Colorado’s 911,000 public school students had been kept home. The actual number is more like 862,000, but isn’t it odd he rounded up to that number?

    These numbers in use must be based on superstition, but are also signal to all involved … hoax. Don’t get involved. I read once, and then never found it again, that with the original Columbine event, 2,500 police units from all over the city and state bad been dispatched to the site. Nothing in the photographic evidence comes anywhere close. More like a dozen police cars. It was a TV event, mostly filmed the previous June when the building was in summer shutdown mode. There were some hapless SWAT teams running around chasing rabbits. Their role was to guard the TV set.

    yesterday here in Denver we were told that there was a “massive manhunt” underway looking for Sol Pais. There was nothing of the kind. She’s not even real, probably a computer bot, like they used at Pulse Nightclub. She does have that glossy look about her. “Sol”, by the way, is a common Jewish name, male and female alike (as in “Solomon.”) “Pais” is a name that was one of Einstein’s biographers, so maybe they grabbed a name from the west side of the pond peerage. I hate to get into the Jewish stuff, as it reads like misdirection. No Phoenicians need apply..

      1. tokarski

        Buckley AfBase, also home of Army Intel, Cheyenne Mountain, Air Force Academy, a supposed missile base north in Cheyenne, WY, and Lockheed all about. You are right, Spookville.

    1. gaia

      The what looks like a manufactured name “Sol Pais” = Sun Land could be read as an inside joking reference to “Columbine” = of Columbus, the alleged discoverer of the sunny lands in the western hemisphere.

      1. smj

        Sol pais is sun parents in brasil, cause there’s a regular dot over the i of course. It sounds like thick ground in french I reckon.

  2. dbuser

    Was Columbine the first of its kind? It’s the first school shooting themed event I remember.

    1. gaia

      1927 had already its school bombing, Good Article on Wikipedia, so they want us to believe it:

      Bath School disaster

      First-grade teacher Bernice Sterling told an Associated Press reporter that the explosion was like an earthquake:

      “It seemed as though the floor went up several feet”, she said. “After the first shock I thought for a moment I was blind. When it came the air seemed to be full of children and flying desks and books. Children were tossed high in the air; some were catapulted out of the building.”

      The injured and dying were transported to Sparrow Hospital and St. Lawrence Hospital in Lansing. The construction of the St. Lawrence facility had been financed in large part by Lawrence Price, Nellie Kehoe’s [the perp’s wife he killed before the school bombing, Adam Lanza style] uncle and formerly an executive in charge of Oldsmobile’s Lansing Car Assembly.

      Keep it in the family!

      The Red Cross managed donations sent to pay for both the medical expenses of the survivors and the burial costs of the dead. In a few weeks, $5,284.15 (equivalent to $76,215 in 2018) was raised through donations, including $2,500 from the Clinton County, Michigan board of supervisors and $2,000 from the Michigan Legislature.[33]

      People from all around the world provided sympathy to the families and the community of Bath, Michigan, including letters from some Italian schoolchildren. One 5th grader wrote: “Even though we are small, we understand all the sorrow and misfortune that has struck our dear brothers.” And another wrote: “We are praying to God to give to the unfortunate mothers and fathers, the strength to bear the great sorrow that has descent on them, we are near to you in spirit.”

      Sounds like what a 5th grader would write (not)…


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