9 thoughts on “Notre Dame CGI spire?

  1. gaia

    The clip this animation comes from is a Canadian production and quite interesting to watch in its entirety, here.

    There is a second, derived and longer version available on YT and Dailymotion where scenes from the not less symbolic movie Immortal (2004) are mixed in and a psytrance track added:


    (h/t originalsimulant)

    The whole animated short film not only contains the “Notre Dame spire” (@ 9:11 no less in the longer and 6:06 in the original version), but also 9/11 and the Challenger hoax explosion at 4:20 (long) & 1:58 (original) and 5:50 & 3:03 respectively, as well as way more symbolism and conspiracy-related material.


  2. Vespadouglas

    why does ab TOLERATE these negative , paranoid delusionists who claim to be awake but fail to see that the content being produced by the ” best in the business ” is so insightful ?…..0 – 5

    1. John le Bon

      What have you offered this website other than your paranoid delusional fantasies?

      What have you offered the world other than your paranoid delusional fantasies?

      Go on, have a think about it. We’ve got all day.

  3. John le Bon

    Good video, thanks for posting. I had seen another video making the connection between the Notre Dame fire and ‘I, Pet Goat II’, but the overlay this guy does makes the point much more clear.

    There was a video clip released a week before the fire, for a J-Lo song named ‘Medicine’. Secret Sun does a good job of breaking down the ‘coincidences’.


    And if you are ‘in sync’ you might enjoy Jake Kotze’s contribution on the topic:

    1. Terran Downvale

      So the obvious question that comes to my mind now is… since this spire fall lines up so perfectly and with the crown of thorns (temporarily) vanishing (leaving no doubt about the connection), does this mean we have now exited the cave and are ready to see some serious shit play out on the world stage as we transition into the new Golden Age?

      I saw someone in the comments for the video point out that the June 24, 2012 release date of I, Pet Goat II nearly 7 years ago just happens to be lining up with the end of the fabled “7-year Tribulation.” Not to promote any fear or anything. Just curious as a grand reality show bystander/observer/audience member.

      1. John le Bon

        Nice to hear from you, Terran. Glad you are still out there. Are you still in touch with Lesta? If so, do you think we will ever see Lesta releasing videos again? I for one sure hope so.

        I like your angle: ‘exiting the cave’. I might borrow that.

        Did you ever hear the interview between the guy who supposedly made ‘I, Pet Goat II’, one Louis Lefebvre, and Alex Jones? I personally got the impression that Louis didn’t know enough about the video and its esoteric elements for the video to have been his. Almost as though he was an unwitting frontman. Of course, I could easily be wrong about that. Give it a listen, I’d love to get your thoughts on it.

        As for the power of the Syncs, I remember well your work on the dude with the foot the wrong way. In fact you have inspired me reupload that video to my new YouTube channel right now. Anyway back then I didn’t understand Sync. I hadn’t even heard of it. Now I see the world very differently.

        If you haven’t yet read The Sync Books, I highly recommend them.

        Feel free to drop me a line at johnlebon123 — at — g — maymay, it would be cool to hear from you.


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