Peter Ridd’s Fight for Freedom of Speech on Climate Change

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Doesn’t appear controlled, and if true, sets a precedent for any dissenting views. Important for fakeologists.

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15 thoughts on “Peter Ridd’s Fight for Freedom of Speech on Climate Change

  1. gaia

    Geologist and “climate (change) contrarian” Gregory Wrightstone gives a speech and Antifa fuckers are disturbing it because they cannot handle real science:

    About half-way through Wrightstone’s 30 minute presentation on the benefits of increasing warming and CO2, his talk was interrupted by three persons who had entered the room surreptitiously. Shouting “SCIENTISTS LIE, PEOPLE DIE” and “CLIMATE CHANGE IS KILLING US,” they continued until the police showed up and escorted them outside where they continued to spew their nonsense.

    The video is well worth your several minutes of viewing and serves notice that the true “science deniers” are those who brook no science or “inconvenient facts” that dispute their world view of an Earth spiraling into man-made climate catastrophe due to increasing CO2.

    Anyone else see the irony of supposed anti-fascists shutting down free speech???

    1. smj

      Little buddy, are you sure you know what “free speech” is?

      I find it ironic as feck that your isotope hustle is the proof fer agw…

      “Toidentify the cause of global warming, scientists study the carbon in our atmosphere.
      Powell: “Carbon has three varieties: three different isotopes, all with the same number of protons, but three different numbers of neutrons.”
      James Powell of the National Physical Sciences Consortium says these isotopes are found in different proportions in different substances. For example, the carbon found in plants has a distinct ratio of the isotopes carbon-12 and carbon-13.
      There’s also a difference between the carbon isotopes in living plants and those in fossil fuels, which are made from plants that died millions of years ago.
      That’s because plants contain the radioactive isotope carbon-14, which decays over time.
      Powell: “Geological materials like coal, oil, and natural gas are so old that they no longer have any carbon-14.”
      Scientists can measure exactly how much of the carbon in the atmosphere today came from fossil fuels.

      So by studying isotopes, scientists can measure exactly how much of the carbon in the atmosphere today came from fossil fuels.
      Powell: “We can’t get away with saying that humans are not responsible for the carbon that’s been added to the atmosphere. The isotopes don’t lie and they show it.”…

      Later dummy.

  2. John le Bon

    I don’t recall ever hearing about this guy before. Seems legit to me. Good luck to him.

    For those outside Australia, JCU is one of Australia’s many lower-tier universities. Most people outside of Queensland would be unlikely to have heard of it, or to know where it is located. The relevance here is that a rogue academic from JCU is less likely to make waves (pardon the pun) than a rogue academic from, say, ACU or Melbourne University.

    1. antipodean

      Be difficult to study the Barrier Reef based at ACU or Melbourne Uni.
      Can’t see what all the fuss is about. Does he actually deny climate change. All he is saying is that the Reef is not dying as a result of warming oceans.

  3. dbuser

    Looks like he won:

    This is an interesting case. He says all the right things, and comes across as quite sincere. No hyperbole or fake tears or any of that rubbish.

    But he also managed to raise 250k on gofraudme in five days? That doesn’t seem likely at all.

    First I’ve heard of him too. Is he famous in Australia? You’d think he would need to be to get that kind of financial support so quickly.

    1. gaia

      I think there is a huge counterculture in Australia, one of the biggest pushers of the Anthropogenic Global Warming Scam. Good for him he got this funding, hopefully he will release more information about it. Anything to wake more people up and spread the word.

    1. gaia

      Michael McNally, Queensland NTEU secretary, wrote: “Given the nature of the (entirely predictable) extensive media coverage, all management have done is to feed a rightwing media narrative that universities are conformist and actively suppress heterodox views on topics such as climate change.”

      Right, so speaking truth against the biggest financial scam and scientific fraud in history is “rightwing”. I didn’t expect anything better, but it’s still pathetic.

      But in 2017, Ridd started to publicly accuse his scientific colleagues, some of which were based at his own university in Townsville, Australia, of being untrustworthy. This went against the university’s code of conduct. The university censured him. Ridd refused to back down and made more statements. He published “private” university correspondence on his website. He was further disciplined, so he sued his employer. Then they fired him.

      From the first link. “Private” is in quotation marks, so it may not even have been private. Are you defending the “code of conduct” of the university here, xfiles?

      Why do you want to take a scientist standing up for science and against scientism down? Because he got funded for legal costs? So what? Ab gets funded for his work here, good for him.

      1. xileffilex

        You’re way out of your depth here on global warming, gaia. It’s too big a subject for your simplistic, drive-by scepticist groupthoughts. This guy in Queensland is a nobody in a tiny corner of research.
        This blog doesn’t impress me…
        The Institute of Public Affairs (IPA), a group funded by mining magnate Gina Rinehart and known for opposing policy actions on climate change, has supported Peter Ridd by gathering funds to cover legal costs in the case he filed against JCU
        Of course, if the world is really only 200 years old, [pace JLB] the increase in global temperature and atmospheric carbon dioxide levels since the industrial revolution and especially in the more recent times [keeping away from the link between the two] really is staggering.

        Am I worried? No. Can I verify any public data? No.

  4. gaia

    Excellent interview and great to see yet another academic expert speaking out against the biggest hoax and moral fraud of history.

    Let this physicist be discussed on the next FART and get him named in John Laws’ show so a greater awareness among the Australian population can be created.

    Let’s get Ridd of this fraud!

    1. Vespadouglas

      ” the biggest hoax and moral fraud in history ?” …………so , the ozone layer / greenhouse effect / global cooling / global warming /climate change narrative must be right at the top of john the dons triangle…… wonder its getting so much msm attention

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