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  1. Tom Dalpra

    Just to be clear. Catastrophic Anthropogenic C limate C hange is an obviously made up scare story to encourage people to adapt their behaviour and accept changes, isn’t it?

    It’s the Fall of Man for the 21st century. Co2 being the very gas we breathe out, if we swallow the horseshit, we’re all inherently guilty.

    Analysing the issue is clearly different from analysing events like 9/11 or the Moon Landings but the jury certainly isn’t still out on it, where I’m at, if that:s what you’re suggesting xileffilex? I’ve probably missed your point. .

    Someone handed me a leaflet for an Extinction Rebellion event last week and I was struck with how it was a perfect contemporary example of a Big Lie in operation.

    1. xileffilex

      Catastrophic is the key word there, Tom. That’s the big lie. I’m not sure what the time scale of this “catastrophe” is supposed to be, but “we yumans” can always adapt. Or modify our behaviour. As we get richer, this wealth inevitably goes up the chimney of consumption. How else does one get ride of the surplus cash?

      The jury indeed doesn’t seem to be out on dramatically increased global atmospheric CO2 levels in the past 150 years [which is a blink of the eye in non-JLB geological history] . There is some debate as to the degree of sensitivity , the connection between doubling atmospheric CO2 levels and the global temperature rise. The scientific jury is not certain of this figure.
      I will repeat, I have not seen a jot of intelligent analysis from “fakeologists” on this topic. The discussion is as worthless as what a Manchester United footballer thinks is going to happen on Saturday. And the sports pages are full of those nonsensical celeb “insights”. Do all scientists lie about everything? Perhaps a lot of our modern yuman behaviour – flying to Tallinn for stag nights etc etc – is quite pointless and we need to be shepherded to refocus?

  2. Vespadouglas

    at 02:20 , just prior to his computer ” freezing ” , NW mentions a ” transfer” of data to jem !……..is this gempanda , the team sceptic pal of osman , bon , ged , mars etc by any chance ?

    1. napoleon wilson

      ooh fuunky names that if i remever all cunts that came in as controlled opposition for jlb and wiess and shitheads , probably hearing things, is chris truth seeker still playing both sides , prescient in here and clues , and chris flat earth supporter . theres jlband him chatting with him as chris on youtube somwhere, and jlb talking to prescient on discord. fuckwits and shills. and now velocet s posse are getting in on it aswell , well when jlb shill purse runs out they stop

  3. xileffilex

    The Climate Change chat starts at 1.28.35.
    Sad to say, this segment, along with every other forum post or discussion among “fakeologists” and other sceptics doesn’t pass the bus stop gossip test – unsubstantiated wishful group thinking. One could spend a lifetime examining and reading the already published reports and papers on atmospheric CO2 levels, global mean temperatures, etc etc and I’m sure nobody here has done that, let alone taken part in any scientific measurements themselves. We’re a milliion miles from the easy-to-debunk Moon Landings, JFK, 9/11 and all our other favourite hoaxes which give rise to so much churning here and elsewhere. [maiinly going nowhere] But honestly, do any of these “climate autohoaxers” [had to get that one in] or sceptical groupthinkers have anything to offer by way of analysis or research? We have no potato lens photos to analyse, no laughable duping witnesses to amuse us, scientists even. I have no horse in the race but the level of discussion here leaves me as cold and bored as the endless chitter chatter about vaccinations at Dietarycluesforum.
    Here’s a NASA link on the 97 per cent topic [which has to be a liturgy of hoaxes since they put men on the moon, didn’t they…]
    and here’s a list of organisations who accept the consensus

    Naughty old Madagascar etc etc
    Scientific opinion on climate change
    Global warming controversy

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