Places of worship shootings episode 3

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This spring’s theme of is of course places of worship shootings:churches, synagogues, mosques- no one is safe while praying.

The gun violence at the Congregation Chabad synagogue in the town of Poway, Calif., about 37 kilometres north of downtown San Diego, unfolded six months to the day after 11 worshippers were killed and six others were wounded by a gunman who stormed a synagogue in Pittsburgh yelling, 0;All Jews must die.” The assailant in that incident was arrested.…

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3 thoughts on “Places of worship shootings episode 3

  1. gaia

    As so often with these operatives, this kid was/is jewish himself. John T. Earnest’s mum is Lisa Christine Newberg, a jewish surname. Her parents are Susan Butler and Michael O. Jacobs, also jewish surname.

    Another case of “big-nosed bastards spraying swastikas on synagogues”.

    Criticizing these events will obviously lead to “antisemitism” charges, because questioning power-hungry jewish individuals means somehow you “hate” “all jews”. The biggest [real] antisemites are the mostly jewish themselves chosenites, the Zionists and other psychopaths who see us, the goyim, as their cattle.

    As the standard shaming tactic of course is users of “the big interwebz”, especially 8chan in this case:

    Daily Beast
    POWAY, California—Nineteen-year-old nursing student John T. Earnest, who was charged with murder Sunday as the lone gunman in the deadly Poway Synagogue shooting, played piano for hours a day and earned a 4.31 [8.8 = h.h. would be too obvious?] grade point average. His father was a church elder whom neighbors called “the sweetest man.”

    But somewhere on his path, Earnest took a terrible turn, claiming Adolf Hitler as an idol and writing what appears to be his own rambling manifesto that Jews “deserved nothing but hell.” He wanted to be the one to, as he put it, “Send. Them. There.”

    We have to fear piano playing nerdy nursing christian schoolboys now! You’re not safe!

    Psyop chain programming with “Christchurch” and “Pittsburgh”, both analyzed in detail by (guest writers of) Miles Mathis, Pittsburgh here.

    In his online posting, Earnest championed the likes of Robert Bowers, who fatally shot 11 people at the Tree of Life synagogue shootings in Pittsburgh six months ago; Tarrant, who killed 50 people in a New Zealand mosque in March; and Hitler.

    Dolfy Schicklgruber and his gang of thieves were mostly jewish, many were gay and very much anti-German and anti-white, no matter what the planted opposition of the Dolfy lovers online maintain, see much more here.

    Earnest also claimed responsibility for an attempted arson attack last month on Dar-ul-Arqam Mosque in Escondido, about 9 miles from Poway, Security cameras at the mosque caught a suspect breaking a lock and pouring liquid on a side door but had failed to identify the person. Gore said investigators are now looking his “possible involvement in the arson and vandalism of mosque.”

    The full package; something for anyone in there.

  2. gaia

    a gunman who stormed a synagogue in Pittsburgh yelling, “All Jews must die.”

    An impatient intruder, I’d say. In the end they would die indeed.

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