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Brian Staveley with Markus and Chris

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Brian has so many youtube channels and reposts so much stuff I can’t keep track of duplicates.

Here’s one I found that I enjoyed from 9/11/13 that I don’t think I featured here yet.

Remember, you can play this into the audiochat audiostream using TryptT’s = Fakeologist audio bot.

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Itunes stats

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For all those IOS Apple people that haven’t been getting their near daily dose of Audiochats, I found the problem.

Google’s feedburner is unreliable.

I exorcised it from Apple, now Apple comes to fakeologist directly for its feeding. Standby for 24 hours for update to propogate.

Remember you can look to the right, and down to find an RSS for every aspect of this site, including audio and all its subcomponents.

Here are some stats that I’ve never looked at before.

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FART#27 FORGOT, Fakeologist

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A dull show, and my appearance didn’t help either. Marked here for record only.

Hosts: Rollo, Velocet. Panel: exoteric64, noiz_level. Guests: Fakeologist.

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FAC564-Geris, Napoleon, An Inquirer

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New voice Matt.

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