4 thoughts on “FAC564-Geris, Napoleon, An Inquirer

  1. napoleon wilson

    And before you say the shills won’t talk 911, what else can I do, I’m at the mercy of and verification process, anyone verified I’ll at least talk to openly, well, so so, any way and since no one else is chatting about the subject that an has pioneered ,it even looking into the the clear miniatures used, or Judy’s wand theory

  2. Vespadouglas

    perhaps these discord “pick ups ” , could be contained within discord somehow until the participant has , at least , a basic understanding (offensive word ? ) of media fakery and the liars……..fakeologistDOTcom

    1. napoleon wilson

      Look I’m not in this to entertain, clearly, the lad was new sounded like lsd33, but was called Matt, now to be clinical I am still waiting for any of the loudmouths, without voice changers, to address the clear use of models used in the destruction, of the towers, or Adress the reason Judy wood was used and D,E,W ,story accepted by the shills Ed go talk 911. So if you wanna be super clever ask fakeologist why since I’ve clearly explained models, has no-one even addressed it.
      ( the 2001 sep 11 attacks)
      . But you know as well as i do the outcome of this event affected all the gangs around the world . and each gang has a code so , the bible lot got their prophecy zerubabbel, the masons with the star alignments and the towers falling , even my generation got their prophecy, the millenium fall-con stealing the luke and leia the twins (towers) and only one had a lightsabre ( antenna ) away and subsequently the war on the darkside.(terrorism) never could understand the reasoning behind darth vader and his total evil persona , but after examining how fucking thick americans are i see the crash course in masonic traditions was completed on that day with the choice of , “your either with us or the terrorist” , but thanks to fakeologist.com… and a keen eye i know see the 33 year trick started by kubricks 2001 space odyssey (gullible apeslooking puzzled) , and finished in the “real” world with the millenium fall-con, ( millenium hilton hotel) , was just a trick , and as for judys space weapons lol , clearly just to cover up impossible physics and 2nd rate models .? and whatnot,,ob1. , so ask

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