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Clip time

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A project for anyone who wants to help.

Please go through some of my audio archives and find any 10-120 second clip of audio that you think is worth psychic driving by way of our clip machine on the audiochat.

Check *help and *list in the discord server for how to use it.

Please put any file names and time stamps in the comments below so I can sample and save.

I particularly want Simon Shack clips that explain the 9/11 deception.

Thanks in advance.

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Healing by deception

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9/11 was the greatest fear deception for pain and war.

What if you could use deception for good?

Placebos belong in clinical trials, not in the doctor’s office. At least, that’s been the conventional wisdom for decades. This week, we ask whether placebos have more to offer than we’ve realized, and what they might teach us about healing. For research related to this episode, please visit: n.pr/2B9v2B0

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