Columbine propaganda disguised as real

like this

One of my listeners reckons this well crafted story is real.

I say it’s carefully constructed propaganda, telling parents to turn in their prescription addled teenagers to authorities for Orwellian pre-crimes.

It’s not always easy to describe how a long time fakeologist can detect scripted acting, especially in radio.

I have a family and know families, and none talk to their children like this audio’s does, especially in front of the media.

The event prove that all media is used to send messages, and the more realistic they sound, the better.

If you are not a fakeologist, you will not hear the . If you are aware that the media is used to give you preset ideas, then you will hear the scripting.

When one couple learns that their teenage son has been identified as a potential school shooter, they do everything they can to prove that he’s not. Bethany Barnes originally reported this story for The Oregonian – Targeted: A Family and the Quest to Stop the Next School Shooter. Producer: Nancy López

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9 thoughts on “Columbine propaganda disguised as real

  1. ricky

    Thanks for the thoughtful post xileffilex, I consider your’ contributions as essential to this site. I used to say I wanted to learn where the lies ended and the truth began, learning there is nowhere where truth in media begins was a revelation. I give credit to Ab and the many contributors for helping construct a framework for understanding the comprehensive, interactive fantasy world that makes up our so called “culture.” As an aside, the burden of proof does not fall on the people that question sources that are proven liars, they never have to prove jack-shit in a thoroughly brainwashed society.

  2. timr

    I should clarify, not saying it is definitely real; just saying I caught the show in passing on the radio, and the family sounded reasonably credible to me. It seems plausible that some unfortunate people could be caught up in the lower levels of the bureaucracy of police work, and school administration, as part of the fallout of intensified public feeling around school shootings. Has it not been said here (or similar sites) that lower level police and authorities may be among the most heavily propagandized people of all?

    The only red flag that jumped out on that casual listen (besides the whole topic itself, and the potential sorts of “lessons” it might teach listeners), was a recorded moment that seemed to take place at a place in the timeline when there would have been no reporter and no tape recorder present. But I would have to re-listen to see if I missed some context… THAT would be strong evidence of fakery though.

    Just the “I can tell it’s acting” alone, is subject to too much confirmation bias. And subjectivity. To me, if acted, it was VERY good script and acting.

    Assuming a world of psy-ops and fake school shootings, would there not be natural paranoia from “normies” about kids who are outsiders, who wear long black jackets? Remember they believe the propaganda, it’s real to them, would they not potentially persecute some of the nonconformist teenagers out there? And then could that be picked up by media ***for propaganda purposes***, but using an actual true story?

    Maybe on a re-listen I would change which way I lean on this one, but Ab you sound a little cult like saying “If you are not a fakeologist, you will not hear the deception.” I agree that a “worldview” or “model” can be useful to arrange new information, but it is not a replacement for remaining open to the evidence in any given case.

    1. xileffilex

      All we know is that there is a school district in Oregon called Parkrose. There’s no evidence for any boy named “Sanders”
      I hear a lot of BBC radio stories with voiced “victims” from phoney wars in Libya, Syria etc whose “names are changed” speaking in arabic-inflected English with generic names which might as well be Sanders. It’s all so unverifiable and well acted and subtle steering of the masses.
      This normie was belatedly taken in by the Oregon story a few days ago –…
      No answer from Parkrose. [handy that it sounds like Parkland, no?]

      1. timr

        We’re in agreement that it’s not a proven story. I just incline to think that the system works by some kind of dynamic interplay between “truth” and “fiction”, rather than all or nothing. I don’t think that “everyone is in on it.” I think the higher levels make use of propagandized pawns that fill the ranks of government, corporations, media, etc. That is the system’s success, if it can propagate these ideas to such an extent that they take on a life of their own, and generate “real” events that are founded on the delusions of the participants. It snowballs. That is culture creation. The point is not JUST to fake everything, it is to seed the ideas and then let useful idiots carry it forward.

  3. ricky

    My answer is nothing. This is something I’ve been pondering after spending the last week with close relatives who I’ve suggested the fakery angle to in the past with almost no success. Fakeology to me is like learning another way of thinking, it takes time, discipline, a willingness to take almost everything you’ve been taught by any “official institution” and burn it to the ground. It also means becoming an outsider in almost any social setting, willing to engage in dialogue you know to be farcical just to get by. It’s not enjoyable but really easy to speak to indoctrinated people, you know how to say things that are agreeable to them, it’s the language of TV, you can speak their language but they couldn’t comprehend fakeology. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to live a double life like the elite, become a fakeologist, you don’t get any of the perks, but you have to act just as phony in public. I still wouldn’t trade it for anything.

    1. xileffilex

      I couldn’t have written better, ricky. I don’t have a TV but I lap up what comes out of the radio and free newspapers as a hobby so I get to know what ‘they’ are up to. It’s kind of interesting. The only person who knows how I see the world thinks I am mad. One can look back and see what things didn’t quite add up when the MSM was telling us a story – I can think of the plume of black smoke from Shanksville, some serious crimes as promoted by the MSM, but one believed it all because it came from ‘trusted sources’ Now I am at the point of writing off almost everything which appears in the free papers – crimes, accidents, deaths, disasters, etc. as entirely scripted and acted out or fake, involving a significant proportion of our trusted institutions – law, emergency services, education, transport, politics, insurance, banking, religious,medicine, etc.., This doesn’t mean that any or all of the above categories are bad, it’s just when the fakers/HRDPAR creators come calling, one seemingly has to jump.
      One presses on in life, from the fortunate position of never having had to take part in the fakery and keep quiet about it. Indeed, one really would to lead a proper double life to get paid for taking part in these hoaxes on the sleeping masses and know that the masses were being pissed on all over. But what would you do if you worked your way up any organisation [see above] which society depends on and reached a point where you realised, say, a HRDPAR drill was carried out on your patch? You either resign or keep on taking the money.

      I can only describe my fakeological power as getting a ‘nose’ for a fake story [cf entomologists or ornithologists who can differentiate strange insects or birds which look normal to us] , for anonymous actors on the radio reading out their stories of ‘escape’ from oppression or crime [I’m convinced most MSM reported crime is fake] . I do find it difficult to suppress a smile when people around me start discussing HRDPARs as if they were real. It’s pointless joining in such conversations.
      I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it – the so-called intelligence services must be some kind of huge parallel film studios producing material for the real news market, rather than the cinema.
      Brought to you by the [controlled] MSM.…

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