I’m skeptical this skepticism study was even done

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If there was a poll of fakeologists, the number would be 100%.

Canadians are increasingly skeptical of the news they consume and struggle to distinguish fact from fiction or propaganda, a new survey suggested Thursday. The poll of more than 2,300 Canadians, conducted on behalf of the Canadian Journalism Foundation, found the number of respondents who question the validity of news reports has jumped 10 per cent in the past year, leading to high levels of distrust of both news stories and political figures.

Source: Canadians struggle to distinguish between real and fake news: survey | CTV News

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1 thought on “I’m skeptical this skepticism study was even done

  1. xileffilex

    The word fake only occurs once at the end of the text. The word false
    [news] appears 11 times, [i.e. wrong or misleading news] which has little to do with what we are uncovering here at fakeologist.com viz the fabrication of news and events on an industrial scale, reported in the MSM as real.
    The word fiction appears once and is cleverly wrapped up with propaganda in the survey. I’d suggest that 99.99 per cent of Canadians wouldn’t say that their news was largely fiction but might agree it was largely propaganda.

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