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11 thoughts on “FAC566-Ab,Geris, TomD, Alto, Laura Mars, Napoleon, The Phoenician, Anounceofsalt

  1. napoleon wilson

    you know me i don,t listen back , but laura does sound like the chick from jay dyers boilerroom , not calling laura an old boiler
    its a young term to do with underground dj,sand what not , im not into trance.

    on a funny note gaia fucks off when a swiss starts a show , faye came and he left 55 followed ,now geris is here and gaia,s left and geris seems to want to organise a show.

    1. Vespadouglas

      fallCon……antennas……sabres ……george lucas ……and no r.i.p. for chewwy…..shame..

  2. napoleon wilson

    The USA, with nearly 3 times the population, has 53,364 centenarians… which means that people living in Japan have 3 times the chance of reaching 100 compared to people living in America. We know it isn’t genetic because people of Japanese descent living in the USA have the same health outcomes as all other Americans. Moreover, cancer rates, bone fracture rates and numerous other health measure in Japan are well below US rates, especially for women. The typical response to these differences are genes, fish and yadder. For the sake of the arguement, lets just accept this. We are still forced to conclude that the higher salt intake in Japan cannot be proven to reduce life expectancy and quality.

    The original “Gatorade”, a sports drink which had salt as its main component, was the secret weapon in 1950’s basketball that resulted in one of the most famous of all sporting triumphs. The most common medical intervention in any hospital in any part of the world is the insertion of a saline (salt) drip into the veins of the patients and without this procedure, mortality rates in hospitals greatly increase.

  3. napoleon wilson

    paid shills, wiki, naratives , 911, amongst other devices , our leader arrives ,lots of voices, frank also , naps gone from4hrs 44, geris alto anounceofsaltperday, lauramars, phonician too


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