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Megyn Kelly is not Nicole Brown Simpson

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…but this Goldbuggery style video is well done and entertaining.

Nicole was a character, like OJ. She may have been played by her sister, Denise, for the one video and many still images I’ve seen. (if you have any video of her, post the link).

The OJ trial was the greatest made-for-TV crime #hrspar that the world has ever seen, so far.

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Rob Ford was not Chris Farley

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This channel has lots of nonsense, but if you buy into the DCP, there isn’t much to choose from on YouTube and elsewhere. Worth a listen.

Does anyone know who this IPS/Tim guy is or where he’s based? He is well spoken and has many good callers.

Rob Ford is a real Toronto man, part of the Ford political family. I doubt he died, but his persona was sacrificed for his brother, who became Premier, the highest office in our province. This was part of an orchestrated deal with the WASP establishment here, whose man got the second biggest office, mayor of a Toronto. It’s from here John Tory will springboard into the Premier’s office, when Ford is done after a term or two.

Toronto may not have played psyops politics before, but the American style Fords after embraced it whole (David) Hog(g).

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