Megyn Kelly is not Nicole Brown Simpson

likes this

…but this Goldbuggery style video is well done and entertaining.

Nicole was a character, like . She may have been played by her sister, Denise, for the one video and many still images I’ve seen. (if you have any video of her, post the link).

The OJ trial was the greatest made-for-TV crime #hrspar that the world has ever seen, so far.

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8 thoughts on “Megyn Kelly is not Nicole Brown Simpson

  1. napoleon wilson

    a wonderful example of the reality we live in , real or fake ? , well im on the #hrdpar bandwagon, obviously its all for us to waste time and mind power on.and cloudy the conspiracy waters with old drills and celebrity homicide. also im pretty sure evryone in la la land has that same nose.

  2. tokarski

    This is why I got out of the business, there is much that can be gleaned from facial features once it is understood the pitfalls, which I learned the hard way. Sites like this are noise, however, and drown out any serious work being done. Nonetheless, I stand by my many findings that are still available, one that Janis Joplin, at best a mediocre performer, was a set of twins that used big hair and glasses to disguise this fact, and that the one who did interviews but not on-stage performance settled into a new life as Amy Goodman. Others discovered that Sharon Tate became her younger sister, as did Nicole Brown Simpson, as you say.

    1. ab Post author

      As long as it distracts from the important idea that the OJ trial was a made for TV crime hoax series, then it doesn’t matter how Nicole was simulated. That’s the misdirection that they want everyone to get lost in, and not propagate the psyop angle.

      1. tokarski

        I guess I don’t think in that manner, of convincing anyone. Our recent fake school shooting in Denver went down just like all the others, no more skeptics than for any of the others. Two groups of people are deeply frightened, school kids, and their parents. This shit is heartless fearmongering.

        But I have to ask you, if someone discovers that Nicole Brown Simpson did not die and became her younger sister, would it not naturally follow that this same person would figure out the trial was a hoax?

        1. tokarski

          I would sure like to know the people who automatically vote anything I write here down. Not that I care. I really try not to care. I would only like to share a cup of coffee with you, and then when you are not looking, spill it on your shirt.

          1. napoleon wilson

            you need to aim the thumb down in order to stick it up your own ass, do not pay attention to the australians behind the paywall. their all thumbs.

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