Rob Ford was not Chris Farley

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This channel has lots of nonsense, but if you buy into the DCP, there isn’t much to choose from on YouTube and elsewhere. Worth a listen.

Does anyone know who this IPS/Tim guy is or where he’s based? He is well spoken and has many good callers.

Rob Ford is a real Toronto man, part of the Ford political family. I doubt he died, but his persona was sacrificed for his brother, who became Premier, the highest office in our province. This was part of an orchestrated deal with the WASP establishment here, whose man got the second biggest office, mayor of a Toronto. It’s from here John Tory will springboard into the Premier’s office, when Ford is done after a term or two.

Toronto may not have played politics before, but the American style Fords after embraced it whole (David) Hog(g).

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9 thoughts on “Rob Ford was not Chris Farley

    1. Vespadouglas

      he uses the name tim oZman……..hes a cunt …..a well spoken clever cunt ……but a cunt nonetheless

  1. xileffilex

    IPS’s delivery reminds me of Kentrailer and his subsequent monikers which I forget. [not him though]
    I got a great acronym from comments below one of IPS’s videos – GEM – Government Entertainment Agency or Agencies. which sums up our various intelligence services which must co-ordinate all the various psy-ops with the help of the controlled media and all the various participating organisation. [The Psy-op Industrial Complex is one of IPS’s phrases to describe the fakery system]

    He really gets the fake death/witness protection program/lifetime actors. [chat around 28 mins essential listening!]
    Aside – the Nipsey rapper death [not my musical cup of tea or continent] shouted out fakery when it “happened” recently but nobody except IPS has bothered to call it out.

    1. ab Post author

      Yes his distant audio sounds like the Paulstal Service as well. No idea if they’re the same but I enjoy the content and will add to my audio list.

      1. xileffilex

        His comments at around 2.17.00 on autohoaxing, staged events & crisis actors seem spot on. Nobody else is saying this. Who else is pushing NDNGH in HRDPARs apart from us here at Fakeo?

  2. napoleon wilson

    ips is the guy that said he was mark sargent inn court , he also sounds like phil blamks. ips , infinite plane society, no hes a douche ,never got the celebrity he wanted with flat earth ,and is amateurishly controlled


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