Is this Fakeologist’s new favorite show?

likes this

Gregory Bateson, spycraft, the industrial complex, weaponized anthropology , breaking down cultural groups, schizmo genesis, crowdsourcing Intel, government entertainment media complex, and other high-level discussions on how to control and divide groups.

Tim takes many calls from from black people. I have never heard so many awake black people on any one show. It’s great that he gives them a voice, since they tend to be more awake then other groups.

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12 thoughts on “Is this Fakeologist’s new favorite show?

  1. napoleon wilson

    ive not been paying attention sorry , this fella tim os probably pretends to be someone else and tags along with a known shill. jlb for instance , anyway how do we know these voices are black people, and fuck jay dyer.

      1. Tom Dalpra…

        He says it somewhere in that other audio and in this one at 45min 50 secs, if you must.
        I’ve barely listened to any of his stuff but came across him pushing that, old. clearly false idea, twice in just a brief perusal. He’s clearly quite keen on it and there’s no excuse really, as I see it.

  2. Tom Dalpra

    From what I can tell, this YouTube channel was getting views in the low hundreds until a few weeks ago before a chat with crow777 which led to views ramping-up to the thousands.
    This Tim appears to talk a lot of sense but glaringly poisons his well by attaching that long-discredited strawman argument that Alex Jones is Bill Hicks.
    Oh well, he sounded like he was intelligent for a minute. Now he just sounds like he’s Intelligence.

    1. xileffilex

      I’ve only listened to the above two videos, but who in this realm has views or reached conclusions which exactly accord to our individual ones? I noted that Ozman, while talking intelligently about the DCP/new lifers [yes, where do they all go to, and I include all the non-entities who ‘die’ for staged crash and terror events?] he rubber-stamped the hiding-in-plain-sight of the Challenger ‘disaster victims’. I don’t attach any significance to this, I just think it’s sloppy pasting of others’ dubious research ** which even got aired at Cluesforum, enthusiastically. I disagree, but that doesn’t make Ozman a paid agent. Few other people are calling out NDNGH anywhere on the web.
      ** ditto Bill Hicks vs Alex Jones

      1. Vespadouglas

        ” who else ? “…….. off the top of the head , how about dave johnson , russianvids ,marcus allen . chris kendall . peekay……..and many more

          1. Vespadouglas

            theyre all controlled yet they all produce reams of content promoting no victims…….what makes tim ozman different ?……..( even the name stinks of spook )

            1. Vespadouglas

              ozman himself admits his deceit …… – IPS tim ozman jumps ship – on youtube

  3. Vespadouglas

    hi ab…..i cant share links on my device , but check out IPS tim ozman jumps ship…….on yt….VD


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