Rigged NBA; Magnetic Rims part 4 (the Kawhi Leonard buzzer beater)

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All major is rigged – this wouldn’t surprise me at all.

Even if you knew it was fixed, most would still watch.

We love our WWE wrestling.

h/t Davie

Another magnetic ball for a magnetic personality.

Apparently someone else though the very same thing and made a post / audio/video mashup of the two events.



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2 thoughts on “Rigged NBA; Magnetic Rims part 4 (the Kawhi Leonard buzzer beater)

  1. napoleon wilson

    its amazing what s possible , i mean who would have thought all jlbs members and immigrants from awc audio chats , are now a majority , so media fakery is now a minority on fakeologist. fuck jay dyer

  2. ricky

    Interesting idea, I guess we can’t rule anything out anymore, although looking at the body language of the shooter, when he shoots the ball, he thinks it’s in. That being said, when I was a young brain-dead sports fan, it seems some games I watched the 50-50 bounces would either go to one team or the other in a disproportionate fashion. If you could magnetize the rims, couldn’t you also reverse the polarity to repel the ball, over the course of a close match it would certainly determine a winner.

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