The ghouls are back

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Trying to outdo themselves with gruesome stories, their horror stories are getting downright evil.

Now the fiction writers have police doing instant DNA tests to see who’s related to who. Fantastic fantasy science!

The body of 19-year-old Marlen Ochoa-Lopez was found early Wednesday behind the house, more than three weeks after she went missing. The nine-months-pregnant woman was last seen leaving her high school on April 23, the same day paramedics were called to the home several miles away on the Southwest Side about a newborn with problems breathing.…

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19 thoughts on “The ghouls are back

  1. gaia

    It must be a comfort to the poor immigrant communities of crime city Chicago that these events could never be true, and are just a ficment of imagination by the media, knowing that there could never be any jealous ex-boyfriends, drug addicted lunatics, greedy organ harvesters or ‘simply’ sick baby robbers out there.

    The keyboard autohoaxers from their safe attics at have spoken. There are no horrible things happening in the world and DNA is (somehow) a hoax.

    Lovely piece of “research”!

      1. gaia

        About DNA:
        every day thousands of people all around the world are performing DNA tests, on hair, saliva and other non-blood samples. If “DNA is a hoax”, what are these people measuring then, if it is not DNA?

        DNA testing is used in criminal cases to declare people guilty, or to lift their previously established guilt, so it is used as a true positive and true negative. If “DNA is a hoax”, wouldn’t you expect that all those convicted and their families based on DNA testing would en masse protest against this “non existing testing method based on a non existing thing; DNA”?

        Wouldn’t you also expect people working in the field (experts) come forward and proclaim the whole thing is a scam? Like there is widely available about vaccines and things like AIDS (those experts give inside insights, which is way more valuable than some shouting online without any evidence).

        About the story:
        I am not the one making claims here. I don’t know if this is a real story, or a fake/fabricated story or something in between; where the media built something false on top of something real.
        You are the one claiming this is “fiction”. Period.

        I do know that the poor class latinos (just like other groups) very well are capable of horrific deeds, and though I haven’t visited the South Side of Chicago, I can imagine how life is there. Jealous exes committing crimes and horrible actions is not impossible, organ harvesting is not, nor are glue sniffing or meth smoking lunatics an impossibility.

        The “support” for this story to be false is some bolded numbers, which are not suspicious (or is “23” now also a clear Masonic marker deciding a “hoax”?), a 9 month pregnant lady is not strange (an 11 month pregnant one would be), there is no beef to the claim that this story is “fiction”.

        You may be happy with just throwing shit against the fan and hoping it sticks, but -referring to the kinda racist question “why are whites so asleep” from your new favorite Flat Earther- you have a responsibility to build a case with content, more than just bolding numbers and making outrageous claims without any back-up.

        If you want to be better than the mainstream storytellers, that is.

        1. xileffilex

          Every day pathologists are carrying out autopsies and doctors are signing death certificates with causes of death. We know full well that some of these MSM -reported deaths are fake. We know definitively that officials lie for a living.
          Similarly here

          Police then conducted DNA tests

          oh really?

          The link is to the most preposterous, fabricated media story. Only an idiot wouldn’t see that, only a paid agent would come here to argue it might be a real story. Period.

          1. gaia

            It’s quite a pity that with all that potential grey mass behind that forehead of yours you fail to draw a correct comparison.

            Ab is claiming “DNA is a hoax”. You are saying some of the publicly televised deaths are fake (which I agree with) and some pathologists are signing certificates for some fake deaths.

            The two are not the same; for DNA to be “a hoax”, ALL experts in the field must be lying, scheming, fabricating things, not some.

            To your last mumbling, I have just a quote to share:


            1. ab Post author

              I agree I could put more time into my posts. I have many demands running the site and a business, however.
              I thought the story was prima facie false, at least to fakeologists. Not much effort is required to show its many fake characteristics. Maybe to someone outside the research community, but I am puzzled by your antagonistic tone that flares up from time to time. Who’s side are you on anyway? Will the real Gaia please stand up? DNA strands are a hoax, but digital blood tests are real. Using the results to relate people, including parents, is specious at best.

              1. gaia

                There is and always has been 1 Gaia.

                If we “decide” a story to be fake/false/contrived/not true as presented to us, then the onus is on us to explain the observations/facts/data points.

                That has been my stance from the very beginning, up to our first chat back in November 2017 about a.o. dinosaurs and my refusal to proclaim NDNGH at 9/11. I cannot claim that as I can impossibly know it.

                If I say the Holocaust Story (not a “hoax”) is false, it’s my job to explain the facts; what happened to those people then, if they were not gassed and turned into lampshades and soap. How was it done, which methods, who were the players and why would the Nazionists incriminate themselves by destroying transit (not “death”) camps. My research on that is well known.

                If I say “satellites don’t exist”, it’s up to me to explain how we get “satellite” data (GPS, phone, TV, static data, etc.). Again I have tried to outline that.

                If I say “the moon landings were not real”, I should make the case for how they faked it; how did they fake the photos, the videos, where do the rocks come from if it is not the Moon, etc.

                AIDS, vaccines, global warming, baby “terror” hoaxes, silly stories with con-trolled operatives all have their back-up, the points one can present to other people and if open minded, they tend to see your arguments and take you seriously as someone a tad strange but not insane.

                Just 10 days ago you -correctly- corrected Rick who claimed “the heart is not pumping blood through your body, look at trees, how do they get water to the leaves [capillary pressure and water tension]”. You said “I don’t want that BS on my site, it’s just like the silly kerosine “hoax”” and I agreed. Now you proclaim “DNA is a hoax”, but refuse to explain the implications of said claim….

                I have always opposed autohoaxing, as it is just as bad as the “””normies””” who uncritically embrace the mainstream story. Or even worse; “we” should know (and behave) better.

                And I have always opposed clearly stupid non-theories like Flat Earth, Concave Earth, inorganic oil and “Hitler was the good guy”. Stories muddying the waters of proper, intelligent and real research.

                That is Gaia.

            2. xileffilex

              Wouldn’t you also expect people working in the field (experts) come forward and proclaim the whole thing is a scam?

              oh yeeeeesss , hadn’t thought about that, lol!

              1. ab Post author

                With his logic, all the 9/11 actors would have their tell all books out and Elvis would be singing he’s sorry for his deception too.

          2. Tom Dalpra

            Well, I must be an idiot. Full stop.
            As Gaia says, the emboldened numbers in ab’s post are completely meaningless. That alone is a valid point as it makes ab’s post look clueless, regardless of what really happened.

            Not being local to this story and without the advantage of seeing how it’s been played-out in the media, I certainly don’t assume anything.
            The truth is. weird gruesome shit happens, every day in the real world. Sorry if this is bad news to anyone who, through their ‘fakeologist goggles’, assumes every outrageous crime reported is made up. They’re not.

            Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction and we shouldn’t lose sight of that.

            1. xileffilex

              ^^ Oh dear oh dear… this reads strangely like many of the retorts I used to get at the David Icke forums while I was suggesting mildly [and temporarily then permanently banned for so doing] that crisis actors were used in the Boston Marathon and other transparent, goggle-apparent deceptions in other threads.
              Every crime story reported in Metro, London Evening Standard, Sun, Mirror Global news Canada, etc etc is most likely STAGED.
              But, of course, the well-rewarded, masonic legal profession will blow the whistle, won’t it… [Goose–> golden egg : do not stage death]

        2. smj

          Hey little buddy how you doing? I was wondering if maybe you get your isotopes at the same place Hershey and chase did? Don’t be too hard on ab please, he doesn’t believe in viruses of course. I mean what sane person believes in bacteriophages who’s ever seen a picture of one? But it is pretty amazing what two academic types can accomplish with some isotopes, bacteriophages, and a feckin kitchen blender little buddy…


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