8 thoughts on “Reflections on the ISS

  1. ricky

    The world to me is best represented by the “Truman Show” movie, with society in the role of the “Truman” character. With politicians, “scientists,” “educators,” actors etc. in the role of town members. The director is known in the movie, but unknown to us in real life, I don’t think we’ll ever know. The movie-going audience thinks they’re being let in on the joke, in reality they ARE the joke, the ultimate double bluff. The direction we’re going is for the elite to maintain total control through various degrees of fraud, force and control of money, whatever direction that takes is anyones guess. The idea of infinite space probably serves multiple functions, space travel, satellites, I.C.B.M.s, ball earth, orbits and making the average person feel insignificant and create a certain reverence for “scientists.” As fakeologists, we’re still stuck living in a real life “Truman Show,” but at least we know it.

  2. ricky

    As Captain Kirk said, “space, the final frontier.” What a great tool television is and was, it sure indoctrinated me and everyone else I knew growing up,( 66 years old, for real.) The “solar system” and “space” were featured relentlesly ever since I can remember, mostly in a very captivating form, you combine that with a complicit “education complex” and a burgeoning “space race” on TV and you’ve created a population of true believers. Then you throw in the so called “scientists” that sanctify the concepts, you now have created a religion, or cult, depending on how you see it. So it’s no wonder why people are triggered, as napoleon said, when it comes to “space.” I’m not claiming to know what’s real, but long ago stopped clinging to concepts drilled into me by proven liars.

    1. napoleon wilson

      what is your concept of the world we live in, if you can elaborate , any ideas on the direction we were forced in and its impact the human being , planets space e.ts

  3. napoleon wilson

    old hat with a new head ,member im not sold on d.b.a of flat earth by flogging nasa , once its cheaper to fake it in the eyes of the partcipants and explained away as safer too ,you,ll have them queuing up to pretend , rather than the grand narative it is and the other monkey business attached to it.

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