9 thoughts on “FAC569-Napoleon, Geris, Ab, Lauramars, Ballyhoo, Dangeruss

  1. gaia

    More than 30 minutes of dead air (the Friday audio actually starts at 1:27:18 ) between the stoned ramblings of a madman who should’ve his decaying pancreas stuffed in his mouth and the interesting, humble and valuable thoughts of Geris.

    It would be great if Ab started to actually care about his own site and the valuable and interesting Fakeologists he has and ditch the crazies, trolls and other disruptors of real research.

    1. napoleon wilson

      gaias getting angry because i said hes a plant ,so simon doesnt have to return to explain his ttycho brahe solar system. gaia your a terrible person who wants me to hang himself , now simon is free to show us the secrets of the solar system . go piss up a pole

      1. napoleon wilson

        do you think vinny eastwood is transitioning well , I mean I know he has the help of jay dyer and he made the transition seamlessly ,,,,,,must be hard to be egi and ugly too

  2. Vespadouglas

    to quote a ” man ” i once knew…….. ” no answer was the loud reply “…………its sad that “fakeo “…….( who suggested you begin calling AB , fakeo , ROLLO ? ) , DISCORD has brought fakeologist.com to …..this……..keep on trucking ” old boy ” ……..but , polish them fucking goggles once in a while

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