4 thoughts on “FAK217-Interview on Realist Report

  1. ricky

    “The accepted science of astronomy” isn’t that like the accepted science of nuclear physics, or the accepted science of vaccines, or the accepted science of satellites, it follows the same template of outright frauds.

  2. xileffilex

    Super chat. I was listening to JF before I discovered Fakeologist. I liked what you said about Simon, Ab, [I love his humorous and perfectly executed writing style]. I entirely agree that Tychos is an amazing piece of scholarship; in comparison with him I’m a bear of very little brain. But I don’t quite agree with Simon that the accepted science of astronomy has become untouchable because of the imposition of accepted nostrums. People just aren’t that interested, like me, because it has no impact on their lives, it doesn’t even amuse them on the commute to work ** – it’s just another hobby which I don’t want to start, just as the much easier examination of media stories is another hobby which I DO find satisfying. Unfortunately I am paying compulsorily for all the manufacture of all these **fabricated media stories of crime, crashes and collapses and the salaries of all those employed in these fake reality creating deceptions.
    And what if everybody did “wake up” at the same time? I don’t think I’d want to witness the fallout from that!

  3. napoleon wilson

    Lovely interview.
    i,d like to hear if he has progressed towards made for t.v movie we were shown ,in the future audios from john friend and the realist report.

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