Culture of Fear

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I like Simon’s musical taste.

The Thievery Corporation has to be one of my favorite contemporary American bands / projects. For some reason, though, they had somewhow completely slipped out of my mind in later years. Wooh – my mind is getting slippery of late, I wonder why that is? Is old-age-amnesia setting in? Hope not ! 😛 Anyhow, this tune they wrote / recorded back in 2011 isn’t perhaps one of their best ones (musically speaking) – but the lyrics…boy, the lyrics ! CULTURE OF FEAR – by The Thievery Corporation (2011)

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CULTURE OF FEAR – by The Thievery Corporation (2011)

Seems to me like they want us to be afraid, man
Or maybe we just like being afraid
Maybe we just so used to it at this point
That it’s just a part of us, part of our culture
Security alert on orange
It’s been on orange since ’01, G
I mean wassup man, can’t a brother get yellow, man
Just for like two months or something
Goddamn, sick of that

Mic check
The groom is dead so I’mma rhyme like a lunatic
I do this shit with the non-assuming wit
The corporation caught you up bassing the tempo
My name is Lift Baster intro now let’s go
The flow of life throwing strife into the mix
To the big dark condition and the word is sick
The powers to be, a power in me
To speak of our stress and strife that I see everyday
And more to speak of our culture of fear, it’s up in your ear
They’re telling us terrorists are about to strike
Maybe tonight, right

Let me just back up slowly with critical analysis
Of those who control me
It used to be just had a screen in the crib on the TV
But now we carry screens when we leave
See laptops, smart phones, now we’re never alone
A little affliction I call a media dome
But on the low famine is the programmin’
You want to watch your favorite show because it’s so slammin’
Hold hands and let’s gaze into the beautiful glare
While we’re here so immersed in this culture of fear, fear, fear

Yo we fear the IRS, fear the INS, fear God
I’m more afraid of a credit card than a terror squad
But really y’all, we’re suspecting the weapons overseas,
Yet Master Card and VISA won’t allow me to breathe
They deceive the enemy is in the fine print
They assassinate salad with no single assailant
Walls I am stealing to get the view of the blue skies
Beautiful ? trying to survive ?
Representin’ element ahead, a sentiment that you feel
When you know for real

The deal starts with a sparkle moved with a handshake
Physical to alter your subliminal landscape
You leave thinking I can really trust that guy
To be honest with you, you should’ve really punched that guy
Now it’s operation shake-a-banker, thank-you for the loan
See you when you come to repossess my home
Alone at night, sweating of visions of Armageddon
I’ve never seen the threat, yet I feel threatened
Parts of our society designed to smear freedom
Don’t succumb to this culture fear
Don’t succumb to this culture fear
Don’t succumb to this culture fear


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1 thought on “Culture of Fear

  1. napoleon wilson

    I too like truth mixed with art, Simon’s tunes. Are great, my favorite is John Williams, he did star wars, MILLENIUM FALL-CON 2001
    ( the 2001 sep 11 attacks)
    You know as well as i do the outcome of this event affected all the gangs around the world . and each gang has a code so , the bible lot got their prophecy zerubabbel, the masons with the star alignments and the towers falling , even my generation got their prophecy, the millenium fall-con stealing the luke and leia the twins (towers) and only one had a lightsabre ( antenna ) away and subsequently the war on the darkside.(terrorism) never could understand the reasoning behind darth vader and his total evil persona , but after examining how fucking thick americans are i see the crash course in masonic traditions was completed on that day with the choice of , “your either with us or the terrorist” , but thanks to… and a keen eye i know see the 33 year trick started by kubricks 2001 space odyssey (gullible apeslooking puzzled) staring at a monolith , and finished in the “real” world with the millenium fall-con, ( millenium hilton hotel)current monolith , was just a trick ,we then saw the empire state building become the main building again striking back, oh and don’t forget they froze petrol prices(carbonite), but then the return of the jihad(jedi), and as for judys space weapons lol , clearly just to cover up impossible physics and 2nd rate models .? and whatnot.

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