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  1. xileffilex

    That’s a great concocted media story [start of audio] about 9/11 “widow” Kathy Trant . 9/11 “victim” Daniel/Dan/Danny Trant I haven’t come across before and his/therir story isn’t mentioned afaics at CF or here.
    And this sub-plot will run and run

    2014- CNN return to go:

    Book launch 2015

    Seems like “deceased” Dan is pretty real – a basketball player who “almost made” the Boston Celtics back in the 80s but became a successfull bond trader at CF …suuuuure

    The seventh of nine children in a tight-knit Irish clan

    With grandparents from Dingle in County Kerry and Salthill in County Galway, Danny sought dual citizenship.

    That’s where I’d start looking.

    Legacy – the annual “Dan Trant Classic” basketball classic

    Since 2015 Kathy seems to have disappeared. Hmmmm


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