FAK218-Brian Staveley and Joe Mama

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I take/make a random call and then go live with Brian on his Youtube channel.


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  1. xileffilex

    correction – Richard is a nephew of Scott. However, we see that his sister Rachel is the key messenger of the alleged death and funeral
    and who created the Tribute page for donations to the British Liver Trust charity [isn’t “liver disease” a little vague?]

    Some comments at Rachel’s fb page
    Suzanne O’Connor Fascinating. Scott never lost his skepticism over the official version of events and I’m delighted that his ideas are still being circulated. Thanks for sharing this, Rach!
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    September 17 2018

    Matt Campbell So sorry to hear of Scott’s passing. I met him 3 years ago in London to talk about 9/11 (my brother Geoff died in WTC1) and the power down the weekend before. He seemed such a nice chap, and still very much affected by everything that happened to him and his colleagues. My sincere condolences to his family.
    July 31 2018
    Chris Bird I worked with Scott at Psion in the 1990s. He was a great lad and introduced us in the South to Rugby League.

    The long narrative post announcing the “passing” [sort of….] Again no date of death provided.

    July 22 2018

    Rach Ireland is with Phil Henderson and 9 others.
    8 July 2018 ·
    Had a great few days in London (over the space of a week!) with lots of Bat friends, old & new, and plenty of drinking – think my body now needs time to recover!!!

    No mention of any uncle at death’s door in the same city….

    Scott came out to play briefly at Letsrollforums but retreated under intense questioning from Larry and Phil.

  2. xileffilex

    Since the name of Scott Forbes was brought up, it’s pertinent to mention that he allegedly died in 2018
    FORBES SCOTT Son of the late Agnes and John, brother of Frances and Alison. Formerly of West Bank Widnes. Sadly passed away aged 57 in the Royal Free Hospital London. Funeral and cremation will take place at Golders Green Crematorium London on Monday 13th August at 1pm. Any enquiries to Leverton & Sons Funeral Directors Camden Town 02073876075 There will also be a memorial and thanksgiving service at St James Church Warrington on Saturday 15th September at 2pm. Family flowers only, donations if so desired to British Liver Disease Charity.

    The transplant [liver, presumably] was announced on April 27 2018 by Scott

    But as we have come to learn, we have really no proof anyone ever died as announced unless we see the body ourselves. His actual name was JOHN Scott Forbes.
    So far there has been no probate. Hmmmmm Curiously, no date of death was provided.

    Scott was running two fb pages simultaneously. here’s the other

    Sister Frances – nothing to see
    Brother-in-law – no comment
    Both of the above were quickly into the MSM following 9/11.

    Not sure what happened to Alison [Gee] who made no comment following 9/11; Scott’s brother in law John has remarried

      1. xileffilex

        All hospitals can be called upon to take part in a HRDPAR. The big clue in the Forbes “death” is the use of Leverton’s Funeral directors, who took control of the Diana funeral in 1997

        The were also responsible for the funeral of Lady Thatcher, not that her death was likely faked [for once!]

        I’d say there were well connected with the spooks, although, as with hospitals and pathologists, funeral directors can carry out a fake funeral and keep quiet when quietly asked.

        Forbes was living in the wilds of Suffolk, so the choice of Golders Green for the “funeral”, close to the Royal Free, is suspicious, with no relatives anywhere near. His best friend in the US has also gone quiet.

    1. xileffilex

      update on the “death” of Scott Forbes
      Grant of probate [without will] took just over a year to finalise on
      22 July 2019
      Death 19 July 2018

      Mention of Shimmy [Simon] Biegeleisen, another ex-Fiduciary Trust employee, by Markus Allen in a recent June 2020 chat made me think of Forbes.
      I don’t believe for one minute that someone allegedly with one failed transplant, did not make a will.
      Sister Alison and family seem to have no fb presence.

  3. adam

    Hi Ab,
    At 01:06:16 you asked Brian whether Eric Darton has ever done an interview.
    Eric Darton appears in the YouTube you posted on May 4th 19 under the title ‘Count the numbers adding up to 9 and 11’. He first appears 35 seconds in.


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