7 thoughts on “FAC572-Ab, Brian Ruhe

  1. gaia

    Quotes from Ab, the one and only Fakeologist:

    “You are a loud obnoxious rude acidic controversial pain in the ass”

    I am all for separating that what can be true from that what is obviously untrue (“fakeology”). And how can I dispute anything you say here? Yes, these words are pretty descriptive and I can understand you see me like that.

    What are stupid words (you didn’t use, but others did) is “nazi”, “racist” or “there to destroy our place”.

    Because everything I say is consistent with my stance against all those points.

    But then real racism, not that Newspeak BS we got fed by…. media fakery.

    “but I think you have valuable contributions that’s why you’re still here
    And you may even be right
    You can quote me on all of the above”

    Thank you.

    Indeed I think the contribution is what it is all about. In the end, Gaia is just an acid obnoxious pain in the ass on a Colombian balcony, it is the content that counts and hopefully helps waking (more) people up (more).

    Wrijving geeft glans

  2. gaia

    Ab, I would do some more research if I were you before you give this (((guy))) a platform.

    In this video at around 3:20 this Brian Ruhe clown admits having visited a (((Chabad meeting))) with “such nice people”. Jewish terrorists, rather.

    On top of that this idiot dresses up as the biggest Zionist of history and destroyer of Europe; Dolfy Hitler.

    The list with ziowhore sell-outs who exposed themselves in the past months is growing:

    – Max Igan
    – Jan Irvin
    – Brian Ruhe

    Who will be next?

    Stay awake all and don’t do business with filthy jews.

    1. gaia

      But… Gaia, how can you say such a thing?

      Because I am a Fakeologist, meaning that I actively worked to deprogram myself from the Clownworld.


      Gaia: “Don’t eat poisoned apples!”
      NPC Pavlov reaction 1: “Are all apples poisoned?”

      …I mean, who even thinks of such a “question”?

      Gaia: “Don’t eat poisoned apples!”
      NPC* Pavlov reaction 2: “Butt… what about bananas? Or tomatoes? We cannot just talk about the apples….”

      This is:
      1 – programming, pavlov reaction, NPC* behavior
      2 – (un)conscious misdirection; it leads the attention away from poisoned apples

      The final solution is simple; strip the programming away; there are no “chosenites”, there is no “Anti Defamation League”. There are only deluded psychopaths who believe they have the right to do things, they want to forbid others.

      The Quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi idea that needs to be shoah’d asap.

      *NPC in my dictionary stands for Non Processing Capacity

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