FAC572-Ab, Brian Ruhe

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I have a choppy conversation with fellow Canadian Brian Ruhe.

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3 thoughts on “FAC572-Ab, Brian Ruhe

  1. gaiagaia

    Ab, I would do some more research if I were you before you give this (((guy))) a platform.

    In this video at around 3:20 this Brian Ruhe clown admits having visited a (((Chabad meeting))) with “such nice people”. Jewish terrorists, rather.

    On top of that this idiot dresses up as the biggest Zionist of history and destroyer of Europe; Dolfy Hitler.

    The list with ziowhore sell-outs who exposed themselves in the past months is growing:

    – Max Igan
    – Jan Irvin
    – Brian Ruhe

    Who will be next?

    Stay awake all and don’t do business with filthy jews.

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