1 thought on “FAC573-Geris, The Phoenician, Dangeruss

  1. John le Bon

    Interesting chat, thanks to all participants.

    Regarding 9/11

    There were no planes, nobody died nobody got hurt, the towers were built from the outset to be brought down, the entire thing was a gigantic made-for-TV movie replete with gigantic props and the assistance of mainstream media outlets all around the world (the vast majority of the employees of these companies oblivious to their own role in the Hoax).

    This has all been established and discussed ad nauseam, on this website and elsewhere. There is nothing wrong with continuing to discuss it for another twenty years if that is what people want to do, but how are you not bored of all of this by now? How could anybody keep talking about the basic logistics of the film (i.e. how it was made), for literally years and years and years, without ever moving on to discussing the THEMES and PHILOSOPHIES which are (potentially) being conveyed by the filmmakers?

    It is like listening to people talk about how Edvard Munch mixed his greens and his blues, the same conversation FOR YEARS AND YEARS about how Munch mixed his greens and his blues, without anybody saying ‘and I think this is what Munch was trying to communicate’ or ‘when I look at Munch’s painting it makes me think of…’.

    All trees, no forest.

    The three guys in this chat are all way above average intelligence, all three are perceptible and easy to listen to. I hope that in time they will reconvene and discuss the esoteric elements of 9/11.

    Regarding Alex Jones

    The dude provides free entertainment for tens of thousands of people all around the world. Anybody who hates him is a person with hatred in their heart. I was pleased to hear the panelists of this call give a nuanced appraisal of Alex Jones. At the end of the day, none of us have met him, none of us really know who ‘why’ Alex Jones does what he does.

    Thanks again to all three participants, and also to Ab for facilitating these kinds of conversations.

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