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#030 Fodpartcast

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I appeared last week, and I’ll appear tomorrow for a regular segment.

If you’re wondering why I show up on FART more than here, it’s because I combine it with a work schedule where I am mobile, and able to drop in and out as I do my duties.

Source: #030 25th May 2019 – Fodpartcast

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Bigger, better, faker than Twitter

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As big corporations put the squeeze on their social media counterparts, decentralization is even more important in social media.

I am now experimenting with a new platform called Mastodon, because the power to disrupt Twitter.

Sign up for an identity on the fakeologist Mastodon server, and your toots will ripple across the Federation unfettered.

Once more, thank you to @trypt for setting things up.


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Great climate change hoax mashup

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The promoters of this money making (change) hoax are attaching the weather to just about anything bad that you can think of to promote their false claims.

Proceed to 3:14:00 to here it.

Source: No Agenda Episode 1140 – “Imperious”

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