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  1. napoleon wilson

    now its my birthday and I did say I would solve 911 before I was 42 , bosch done that, hope you lot like cake ill bring some back from the secret party abs throwing for me…..

  2. ricky

    Thanks for posting that thread unreal, I hadn’t read it before, great work! While I found the Adams/Carrion saga disappointing (I enjoyed many of his conversations with Chris,) It was nonetheless important to learn that deception can reside anywhere.

  3. Unreal

    As much as a name and a photo of an ID card might appear as really strong evidence – it is really basic information that is easy to establish. It’s also beside the point when it comes to alternative research where credibility is not acquired by who you are* but what you do. Completely agree with Ab no full name is required by anyone*.

    I’m glad i might be erroneous in my initial opinion* about Geris who made more sense by writing in French than with insisting on providing his ID and real name. Any trickster will be able to find a way to somehow prove even a fake identity, and i’m quite sure the likes of Richard Grove or James Corbett both have their papers in order – despite they might be fraudulent characters with more than one identity.

    The interest of spending time validating any one researcher also shows the importance of genuinity to the listening audience which is a really important aspect. Exposing fraudulent characters is the other side of the coin that verifies researchers, so both aspects seems to be equally important to cover.

    The fact so much time on this show was spent validating Geris as a real person is in itself interesting as it differs so dramatically from how much time has been spent on examining known cases of fraudulent researchers such as John Adams and K Hammad who both clearly targeted Fakeologist and its members in ways not yet sufficiently explored imo – hardly at all on air.

    Who knows if John Adams or K Hammad spoke with their natural voice or not* – they clearly made significant efforts to come across as real people with real lives, husbands and wives… Did they equally have their passports and address on hand when introducing themselves to this site? What is certain is that they had their story well put together and mixed in overly large portions of their private lives to convince us they were real. Driving home, buying eggs, working in the bullet factory,,,

    It is easy to forget all the work a fraudulent character* will be inclined to put into his or her false persona, and here on Fakeologist we have experienced several examples of such impostures which makes insanity claims for asking questions about veracity rather incoherent with factual events and reality of the alternative Truth community.

    The true measure for genuinely in the Truth movement for me is not personal details but rather valid, documented research and well formed, consistent opinion. As much as audio and Discord text-chats are good ways to complement existing research, no serious opinion can be had without widely available, documented and referenced research with searchable texts and imagery.

    *who one claims to be or identifies as

    *although Geris unasked for chose to divulge his ID card and full name in a private chat, it should be clear i do not expect any conspiracy researcher to reveal their “true” identity, i personally would advise against it

    *if we presume Adams and Hammad represent examples of professional, paid agents working to influence the Truth movement, they surely did not change jobs after being rather successful in their assignment, so as they surely still are active – what angle or character is their new assignment ?

    *K shooting (former Fakeologist Radio host K Hammad false witness to bar shooting)

    *More Carrion (Hoaxbusters call host John Adams false witness to murder of young hipster)

    [ Herunder TCC spreadsheet statistic illustration ]

        1. smj

          I’ve met kham a couple times in person. But like I said that don’t mean she ain’t full of shite. I would like to trust hoi as well but I can never figure out what da feck he’s going on about.

      1. Unreal

        She looked real in the picture and I do trust Hoi.

        Did KHam’s testimony of two dead in the 2011 Muckleshoot Casino shooting strike you as real as well ?

        K Hammad was interviewed by Hoi about this event and he was clearly a complicit party in that interview as he tempted to present this cartoon shooting where no-one actually died as real. Guess they forgot, or rather forbade investigating this media-hoax on Cluesforum but it does feature here on Fakeologist, yet one has to read it.


  4. smj

    Alex Jones is prolly a nom de guerre that is real enough for tax purposes andwhatnot. A government sanctioned name dont mean you ain’t full of shit of course. Do you believe in atoms and consequently isotopes, new guy? And who was tampering with our comments on discord?

    1. napoleon wilson

      i just tune din and they are talking about censoring on youtube in the live stream . ha ha ha / tryp and geris and gaia and russ, .smj if your posts get deleted since tryp deleted the log you cant see whos deleting what , lol , told ab his discord was hacked , and I told him ages ago . gaia knows this aswell . but he doesn’t like anyone talking anything he doesn’t like, remember he wants me to hang my self, and russ was willing to pay for discord moderator til tryp said he could do it for free.

      I aint contributing to the downfall . of fakeologist , I ignored the shills and still had them complain.


      1. Original Simulant

        *“[…] russ was willing to pay for discord moderator…”*

        Clearly it was in the spirit of mirth and of merriment that I said that, I mean come on.

        1. napoleon wilson

          look petal ive watched you and tryp discuss in code which account you can see, using typo was fun , take your time ring a bell , look you invite them in they get verified fuck off like some of the old lot and you got codeto split , keep discord , and like I say who would pay for jlb to talk about a bill Paxton movie????

          1. Original Simulant

            no man, you’ve never watched that; you can’t have watched what never happened. I’ve never sent anyone anywhere to do anything and I don’t know what code to split means.

            What if that Bill Paxton movie was TWISTER ? Forgot about that one didn’t ya.

            If you were ob1 then you’d have the high ground— you don’t. Maybe in every other instance in life you do, but not in this instance.

              1. napoleon wilson

                as far as I know when mirroring a website you hacked copy and paste is awkward , so explains a lot, prove me wrong girls you all have the chance to hold my interest, I wonder which weak minded fool runs the show…..

                1. Original Simulant

                  you missed my birthday, no flowers or complete Judy Wood collection or nothin. I knew the Unabridged Lifetime Works of Ÿâñ Irvin was a little pricey when I put it on my wishlist but there was other less expensive stuff too. That orthodox bible autographed by Jay Dyer was cheap for example. I guess there’s still time, maybe it’s been delayed in shipping.

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