Moon hoax arising

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Simon says Buzz is ’s biggest liability – but does anyone care?

I keep wondering what a true statistical study would conclude – as to the ratio of people buying (or not buying) the 50-year-old Apollo TV hoax. Alright, so a Youtube comment section is no serious indicator of general public opinion – and can hardly be used for any 0;statistical” study of any kind… Nevertheless, I find it rather fascinating (and very encouraging!) to scour through the comment section of this YT video (with over a million views) featuring Buzz Aldrin. Please spend a minute or two chec

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6 thoughts on “Moon hoax arising

  1. smj

    Ab, maybe you should call mark sergeant again. Ask him if John Poindexter was his old boss like tim ozman says…

    Mark Sargent, Ex- DARPA?

    Mark Sargent : ex DARPA / Information Awareness Office. His old contact address was: BAA 02-08, 3701 N. Fairfax Drive, Arlington, VA 22203-1714 He worked directly for JOHN POINDEXTER and was a participant at DARPATech 2002.…

    Poindexter’s son was the dopey feck in the middle of the nasa movie poster below……

    …dba, smh.

  2. xileffilex

    Are they trying to tell us something by staging a big Stanley Kubrick exhibition in London on the 50th anniversary of the faked moon landing?
    And today I read in a found copy of Red Bull magazine, from the sponsors of motor racing,….
    [Stanley Kubrick] “was so meticulous that some people still believe he faked the moon landing footage”
    I think they mean more and more people are waking up to the possibility that it was Kubrick who directed the certainly fake moon landing footage….
    Gatekeeping at its finest.

    1. gaia

      This Stanley Kubrick-directed-the-moon-landings meme has been put out by the same guys who push the “second-shooter-at-grassy-knoll” and other con-trolled operation stories. Up to the “mockumentary” made. And the, admittedly good and recommended, movie Moonwalkers.

      I have no doubt NASA consulted film directors in nearby Hollywood for the Apollo “landings”, but to put the silly bunnyhoppers on wires slowed down by 50% in the unselenological sandpit on the shoulders of master Stanley Kubrick imho is a big insult to that English director.

  3. davieb

    it hit me a few hours later, when I watched the video with the sound off
    this guys not crying.
    must admit he fooled me at first. he would make an above average crisis actor

    check out the comments on the video
    a lot of people have figured out he’s not crying.…

    btw: it is 33 days between when Kevin Durant got injured on May 8th to the date of the second injury June 10th

    it is so obvious that if this guy had played the warriors would have won the series in 4 straight.
    they were up by 10 before he got “injured” again

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