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  1. xileffilex

    IPS was one of the few probing the phoney “shooting” of Grammy nominated rapper Nipsey Hussle [age 33] [he didn’t win]
    I notice that even the BBC, along with Buzzfeed, was instructed to extinguish any outbreaks of disbelief in this most obvious death faking exercise.

    Conspiracy theories spread after Nipsey Hussle shooting
    By Chris Bell
    BBC News
    2 April 2019

    Don’t Fall For These Hoaxes About Nipsey Hussle And Dr. Sebi
    BuzzFeed News
    Published on May 5, 2019

    Here’s a site visit…

    1. Tom Dalpra

      Interesting character, this Infinite Plane Society. He sounds informed and in charge much of the time, but then he pushes something like the idea that Jones is Hicks and I have to ask the old question ‘How can someone apparently so intelligent actually turn out to be a retardl?’

      Of course, it’s simply explained if we understand him to be some kind of online conspiracy steerer.
      Ab pointed out that he had ‘a lot of black callers on his show’. His coverage of this Nippsey hustle is a good pull with a certain demographic. Any pull is currency, I suppose.

      1. xileffilex

        It’s complex stuff – clearly a double bluff. Nipsey Hussle really shot dead,, cue the conspiracy conspiracy nester “IPS” to call it out as [extraordinarily] an hoax; at the same time, send in the MSM to poo-poo conspiracy theories pushed by the CC nesters [see above]. And I just see it as an obvious hoax. Rrrrright.

        1. Tom Dalpra

          Erm, no, I think you misunderstand me Felix.
          I’m not saying it isn’t an obvious hoax.
          That’s the part that seems credible and informed.

          I’m just saying IPS is obviously some kind of ‘conspiracy steerer’ .

          Him talking about some hoax that not many other people seem to have picked up on, is no evidence that he isn’t.

          1. xileffilex

            IPS is an advanced species of conspiracy steerer a true rara avis in the nest, pinpointing death fakery. Perhaps that makes #me too a conspiracy steerer.

            PS I guess Fetzer falls into the above category too. [ND@SH]

            1. Tom Dalpra

              Yes, I’d say that about Fetzer.

              I wouldn’t call you a conspiracy steerer xileffilex, more a genuinely interested member of the public with a keen eye for a hoax.
              Not that either of us hasn’t and doesn’t, unwittingly, help ‘steer the conversation’ , at times, of course!

              ‘a rara avis in the nest’ Ha, I like it! Had to look it up, but yes.

              Though not that rare these days, if we think about it. Just calling out death fakery does not a ‘genuine’ researcher make. That’s too simplistic.
              I’m thinking Davej, MM, AA, Russian Vids, Peekay.
              Apparently JLB is friends with IPS. Perhaps we can add him by association? Ha. They’re everywhere!
              All these characters.

              They can be insightful and interesting.
              We just have to have a pinch of salt to hand, is my attitude.

              The thing is, it’s the scene isn’t it? To talk to someone really intelligent around here they’re quite often gonna be some kind of agent.
              That’s the scene.

              Funny old game.

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