An everyday black lady talking about the news

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Listening to random podcast featuring a very woke black folk.

Start at 38:00.…

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2 thoughts on “An everyday black lady talking about the news

  1. Unreal

    Singling out people based on their ethnic background is in itself troublesome, and although the caricature promoted in this post about black people being very awake compared to others is flattery, it still comes across as a bit awkward to me.

    Technically, describing people generally based on their race is founded on the belief each ethnicity possesses characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, often to distinguish it* as positive or negative compared to another race or races.

    In the “positive” view of blacks presented implicitly hereover by Ab, it is curious that the comparison that makes such a conclusion not only negatively discriminates against most other races, but also that it conveniently leaves out how the majority of conspiracy culture is Caucasian.

    And to be even more specific about the Caucasian dominance of the truth movement, we might even specify that among the leading Truth figures and alternative media pundits, that there is a very high percentage of Jewish presence, which is too specific for some.

    Somehow none of my above Caucasian and Jewish remarks will go down well generally, as this is indeed thought of as racist, but mentioning how “blacks are more woke” just comes across as a decent opinion to have.

    Is “blacks are awake” really a decent opinion to have, and is it even factual ?

    *in racist terms positive and negative characteristics will be defined by leading language such as racial “superiority” or “inferiority”

  2. xileffilex

    i’d like to know how these “woke” people think it’s all going to pan out when we are no longer “controlled” by whomever. They never say.


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