23 thoughts on “FAC581-JLB those were the days

  1. Original Simulant

    Do things really change ? According to the perspective of who or what ? And does that thing or person change too ? I’m not sold on the constancy of change, or its existence at all really.

    1. GenuineOne


      ‘It’ is infinite. ‘What’ is reason. ‘Is’ is constant. That’s all there ‘is’ is ‘it.’

      Genuinely, it is what it is…..

        1. GenuineOne

          “It’s what it all boils down to….” Oh that lovely song.

          What happened to sarcasm round these parts. “Those were the days.”

          Is your sarcasmometer broken Ab? Are you going to lift the discordian ban? I have to check on Gaia. The Pagan agent. The Pagent.

            1. Vespadouglas

              hi ab……not being a user or fan of agent discord , could you elaborate on this ” discord ban “


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