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  1. Original Simulant

    Do things really change ? According to the perspective of who or what ? And does that thing or person change too ? I’m not sold on the constancy of change, or its existence at all really.

    1. GenuineOne


      ‘It’ is infinite. ‘What’ is reason. ‘Is’ is constant. That’s all there ‘is’ is ‘it.’

      Genuinely, it is what it is…..

        1. GenuineOne

          “It’s what it all boils down to….” Oh that lovely song.

          What happened to sarcasm round these parts. “Those were the days.”

          Is your sarcasmometer broken Ab? Are you going to lift the discordian ban? I have to check on Gaia. The Pagan agent. The Pagent.

  2. GenuineOne

    There is another of my problem/reaction/solutions hidden in there for you.

    I will synthesize it for you. A. I am not a soldier. B. I died.

    C. The biggest part of me died; my illusion.

    Firstly, “excellence deserves an adversary.” Whoever said it. To preface. I’m saying that to you young man.

    Whatever War is, it is hell. And Psyops are real. People die as a result of all kinds of conflicts. In many ways, shapes, forms. It’s all conflict. Inner or outer. For some it is their job or duty at said time. For others, an honor. Still yet, we a still cursed with it. It still happens. It ain’t pretty. We can still do better.

    Even when when all the pamphlets and loudspeakers fall short to run off the last few who resist change, there will be those few who simply do not accept it. That is modern War in a nutshell. Yes, it is better than it once was. It is difficult to say when a War begins. It may be more useful to assume that it never ends since people never stop changing.

    When i say I am the ‘concept, ‘ and the proof of how Psyops work. I am simply saying, that “9/11, the Master Psyop never changes: ‘you’ do.” Part of your ideology and self-concept must die to progress. I’m just the first to admit it. Right here.

    There will be another media layer soon hopefully. The curious are clamouring in cognitive contortion now for another level to our understanding. With the participation of some youtube giants like Christopher Lord and ole Santos, maybe Danny Wilten, maybe Marty Leeds and hopefully Ab Irato and Hoi Polloi, John Friend and others in our wing of the research; maybe just maybe, we can progress where we can.

    I am tempted to build that platform myself. But it won’t be easy. Not at all. But it is time. And I think you know that. So who is up for the challenge? I won’t be talking, needless to say. It is beyond me. It’s just my wish. Time to work together.

    Why 9/11? That is the question. That is the crux.

  3. GenuineOne

    If i didn’t respect you specifically or Ab or Gaia, I would not have come back to busts some heads and make some new friends. I heard a few specific concepts that you were able to blend with the research here, and that was all i needed to hear. The world was not ready for it 2014, i am 100% certain of it. So, well on you bro. You are getting it done. I expect you to finish if i cannot.

    You see, no American has suffered more as a result of 9/11 than this one. I died as a result of 9/11. And i am dying again to be me……again. “I am” the proof of work. I am the concept. Someone, somewhere, somehow the story is will be told for those who have ears of understanding. Time to work on me…………

  4. GenuineOne

    Can you just take it to the next level for crying out loud? Talk about protracted wars, economic sanctions, no nukes; tie it all together. Can’t you even explain why Hoaxes are used? Maybe throw in some U.N.stuff, real talk though, no fear based ballyhoo please.

    Why don’t you just tell Ab’s poor followers that I played a jester/joker as a Phoney discord audio trainer and unlicensed psychic driver and culture creator and server hoaxer? Why would you be loyal to me? Don’t be a sycophant. If you trust a joker, u must be a dummy.

    You could be so great JLB. You just have to put the work in. It’s not for everybody.

    1. John le Bon

      You are the guy who called himself the Faux-neeshan, right?

      I have no doubt that you are well above average intelligence. But I get the impression that you yourself doubt it, hence you feel the need to carry on the way you do. It is all an act and every other intelligent person who reads your words can see it. Stop it.

      None of us have anything to prove to each other. Which is a good thing, because myself and some of the Members of my site are the only people doing the work, we are the only people who are proving anything. You have no work to show for all of your intelligence. Why is that, my brother?

      The lemmings have an excuse for their lack of output. Do you? You can’t blame it on your intelligence because as I have already identified, you are well above average intelligence. So what is left? Fear? Anxiety? Doubt about whether or not your work will be good enough?

      I suspect so. Only you can know so. And deep down, you do.

  5. Vespadouglas

    incredible messiah complex…….john the DON pushed this pish years ago……..standing on the shoulders of GIANTS …….lets not forget , discord came to fakeologist via the reptilians…………ab , 99 % of your audience , supporters , moderators and commenters are controlled.

  6. napoleon wilson

    because the contrairian idea is no no theyre real and just being contrairian so to speak , you did a much better impression than me , but you see what I mean . and im sure you were being ironic ,
    I don’t think you explained it(NUKE HOAX ) like that to your members OBVIOUSLY!!


  7. napoleon wilson

    Yes john you are correct the fear from atomic destruction was used by the artistocrats to coerse us and keep us in fear ,the idea that saying nukes are a hoax will be used by the artistocrats in the same way, just think of all the bullshit you can attach to showing someone the fake nuke footage or or details about the detonations etc etc dynamite,

    I suggested a long time that the unveiling will be overwhelming to some and that’s where the the governments shills will set up shop

    I don’t think saying nukes are fake was an organic rumour or theory . just released to us as usual

    but I think im paranoid so best to ignore.

  8. John le Bon

    Thanks to Ab for facilitating these calls. Not sure why the audio got so choppy, same thing has happened to me a few times, oh well, hopefully the content of the call is enough to make up for the audio quality.

    I used this audiochat as the basis for JLB Chats #11, available along with all other Chats episodes — entirely for free — here.

    If any realologists out there want to arrange an audiochat with me to discuss your realology problems, please get in touch with me via my email address, which you can find on the ‘contact’ section of my site.

    Your evidence that ‘War’ is ‘real’ had better be more convincing than ‘muh grandpappy told me some stories n shiiiiiiiiiet’. Catch my drift?

    War is a HOAX and it is time that those of you who want me to mourn the deaths of people who never existed were called out on your nonsense. Believe whatever you want, I don’t care, but if you are going to call me out the way some people have been doing lately, prepare to pay your dues and serve your penance.

    I will make examples of each and every one of the false witnesses to death parading on this forum as ‘fakeologists’ but actually behaving as realologists. You’ve been given fair warning. Enough.

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