FAC582-Ab on the Rob Ford DCP

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7 thoughts on “FAC582-Ab on the Rob Ford DCP

  1. xileffilex

    Talking of ‘retirements’ what about his alleged sudden death during a break in his court trial [lol!] of Mohammed Morsi in Egypt.

    Too phoney for words. He’ll be off to join Saddam, Muammar and perhaps even Rob Ford for his remaining years.

      1. xileffilex

        “joining” in the “afterlife” not necessarily in each others’ company…
        Sorry, wrong link, here’s one which shows the lawyers are now coming in to take their drink from the hoax fountain. It has to be real, right , if there’s an inquiry after the ultra fast muslim burial!

  2. xileffilex

    I’d say that the crack cocaine smoking lark was yet another minor psy-op in his retirement plan

    This drug abuse theme was also used in the ‘retirement’ of UK bank chairman Paui Flowers after a 2013 video allegedly showing drug purchasing “emerged”. An absurd story which may have had its origins in another local psy-op which he found himself in, namely “sexual abuse” which has been a gold mine for the MSM and lawyers.

    This UK psy-op had good legs, continuing into 2018 since Flowers didn’t need to have his death faked.

    1. smj

      Marion Berry’s crack performance was better. “The bitch set me up” is a timeless classic. But Berry was a veteran psioperator so it’s prolly not fair to compare their respective performances…

      The gunmen killed 24-year-old Maurice Williams, a radio reporter from WHUR-FM, who stepped off a fifth-floor elevator into the crisis (the fifth floor is where the mayor and Council Chairmen have their offices). The gunmen also shot D.C. Protective Service Division police officer Mack Cantrell, who died in the hospital a few days later of a heart attack. Then-Councilman and future 4-term Washington, D.C. Mayor Marion Barry walked into the hallway after hearing a commotion and was hit by a ricocheted shotgun pellet, which lodged just above his heart. He was taken out through a window and rushed to a hospital.

      1. ab Post author

        Thanks for that. It never occurred to me to link the two stories, but since they recycle psyops, it makes perfect sense. I love the word psyoperator. I will now use it in the future.

        1. smj

          All praise be to wiki of course…

          “three-story “plush” residence was purchased in 1971 by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for $78,000,[8][9] who donated it for use as the headquarters of the Hanafi Madh?Hab in November 1972.[10][11][12][13][14] Many years later, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar recalled that in the summer of 1970, when he was a rookie with the Milwaukee Bucks still known by his birth name, Lew Alcindor, and was new to Islam, Khaalis had expressed an interest in establishing a Hanafi community in Washington. Jabbar located the “three story” house “in an interracial section of Washington; its price was $80,000. I put up the down payment and opened the building to the community. It was a mosque, home, community center, and everybody used it.”[15]

          The property was listed as the Hanafi American Mussulman’s Rifle and Pistol Club.[16][17] Jabbar and his wife Habiba were married by Khaalis at the Hanafi Center, and bought a handsome Tudor-style home a few blocks away where they lived; they continued to have close ties with the Center in that period.[15][18][5][19] During the period when it was Hanafi headquarters, 30 people lived in this single-family house.”


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