Fetzer made the msm news today, oh boy

like this

Not sure what this means, but it appears nothing of you go past the headlines, which no one will.

As the Wisconsin State Journal reports, “A Dane County judge on Monday found that a longtime living in the village of Oregon, along with his co-defendant, defamed [Leonard Pozner] the father of a victim of the massacre and allowed a trial for damages against the men to move ahead” (“Judge Rules Against Sandy Hook Denier” (17 June 2019)


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  1. xileffilex

    Comment below piece…

    Bahmi says:
    June 18, 2019 at 2:10 pm
    Bob, would you bet every nickel you had on the hope that there were actually bodies inside the “coffins”? Notice that laws were passed to eliminate the chances for exhumations? Why? Because the birth certificate was real? A device actually exists that can determine IF a body lies within a coffin and it does not require digging, it uses electronic methodologies. Let’s have a national lottery. Let’s all put up a sawbuck and if a body is not present in the coffin, we go to step 2. Is there conclusive proof a body exists in all the coffins? This was not done because most likely laws were passed to eliminate chances for exhumation thereby proving/disproving the status of the coffin contents.

    A faked death requires a faked death certificate. All faked deaths have watertight death certificates. Somebody signs them. As I have said myself many times, the proof is in the casket.

    The casket was closed for the public service. A private open casket service was held prior to the public service.

    source Sandy Hook Facts

    Well, here’s the closed casket , same source:

    Here’s the other side of the puppet show, a little watched video from the same source

    Further reading on faked deaths and staged phoney phunerals –


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